5 comments on “Barb’s Cafe Today| End of Summer – Looking Back

  1. It has been proven of our five senses, the sense of smell holds memories the longest. Sometimes I disagree. I think the music can come back to us anytime and instantly transport us back to certain phases in our lives. Music can often dominate our memories. I love your summer songs. You have great taste in music. Too bad this summer has come to a close.

    • Hi Tara. A song can transport one back to last week, last night or 40 years ago! Music moves me. Music makes me smile or become a puddle of tears. For those reasons I have so much respect for music and those artisans who put it all together for our enjoyment.
      Pleased you enjoyed the music. Take care.

  2. Geez Barb why don’t you make me cry already?! How I hate growing older, and miss the old days so much. In love with all the songs above and many many more—and of course the musicians that sang them. I wouldn’t even want to go to a concert now, the crowds make me too nervous. I want to go back to the days when I still had hope for the future, when problems would fade away with the passing of time, and anything was possible. I still don’t have an iPod or iPhone. Did you like Donovan or Crosby Stills and Nash? I can barely listen to them now or I get flooded…thanks for reminiscence, and take care.

    • Sorry Debra. I am pleased you liked my choices. So many, it’s difficult to choose. Music definitely hits us in many ways. Labor Day weekend brings out lots of memories. Most are happy or least good ones. Ah yes, aging is not all we thought it would be. I planned my life differently than how it came to be. I know yours did not either. I remember more of the good times than others.
      I’m with you regarding concerts. Too crazy for me. Yes, I remember Donovan. My friend Laurie really liked him. Crosby Stills & Nash were so great! Think about the talent in that group…amazing. It was in my early 20′s that I began to appreciate Classical and a bit of Opera. My range of likes in music is wide. Can’t help it.
      Hope for the future? It gets me through each day. Plus the grand kids give me hope and bring so much joy. I sincerely hope each day of your future is a little better, even if only in small portions.
      Take care Debra.

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