Home Brewed and Fresh Daily!




Welcome to Cafe Today! 

 Place your order………. for the topic today.  I will serve it up freshly roasted and brewed often.  Tell me what it is on your mind.  I will share what’s on mine.   

 Just  years ago, a visited a local  coffee-house, one I drove by many times a week.  This particular Saturday, was a stormy day in early fall.   Being an early riser and in dire need of a tasty caffeine fix,  it seemed like a perfect time to pay a visit.  I was pleasantly surprised.   The atmosphere was relaxed, sofas, chairs, lamps, well stocked bookshelves.   The barista was friendly.  I placed my order and sat in a very comfy chair.  I glanced through the mags and books, deciding to wait till after my coffee to make a selection.  The drink was hot and delicious.  I started speaking with the 2 young girls working that fall Saturday.  Before I knew it, the conversation expanded as  all the patrons in the shop became involved.  Great fun!   After much lively interaction  and a couple refills, the sun came out  and interrupted our lively bunch.  Time had slipped by in a blink.  This was a rare joy! 

I use that liitle shop a barometer for all others.  I have never found a cafe or coffee-house since that equaled that little place.  The shop closed a while back.  Sad.   So, I wanted to have an experience like that again.  My reason for Cafe Today is just that selfish.  A place to converse, share your thoughts and make someone smile.  I will go on the road to perhaps find  another “real gem”  in my journeys.   Until then, think of Cafe Today as your favorite cafe or coffee house with better prices.  It’s Free!     Hang out for a while.  We are all friends.  Maybe I will add some cool  music later.    

Thanks and come back again soon.  Until then, I’ll have a Latte! 


4 thoughts on “Home Brewed and Fresh Daily!

  1. takearideonthereading says:

    Hi Barb!

    You were kind enough to visit me at http://takearideonthereading.wordpress.com the other day and it really made my day. I’m new to blogging and a comment was an unexpected gift. Thank you!

    Thought I’d stop by here to see what you’ve been up to and I love the concept. You’ve obviously been at it for a while too. Lots of great posts and pictures too. Makes your blog quite lively and attractive.

    I’ll be stopping by for “coffee” often. Don’t know what I’ll find. But I like the place.


  2. Thank you for your very kind words. I look forward to reading your enjoyable posts throughout the year. Cannot wait to see what you and others are reading. You will have a great year.

    • takearideonthereading says:

      Hi again. As I learn to blog I enjoy stopping by for a coffee here every now and then. But I only now discovered the “like” button. I understand that I don’t have to comment on everything. But sorry that I have not found the “like” until now.

      I’ve corrected my oversight here and will be back to re-review some of your other work.

      When first we met you may have seen my email as “bloggy.chris”. Lame, I know. But it got me a blog name with WordPress. It’s also only recently that I discovered that “Take A Ride On The Reading” makes a nice mneumonic. So I’ve oficially changed my blog’s email address and will now sign …


      “Tarot” ;)

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