Cafe Today – Did You Know…?

1)  There are 113 days remaining in this year 2010 !

2) Hard core psychotic villains never get a fatal disease and die young.

3) That Jones guy will claim some type of  divine intervention regarding the Quran book burning.

4) When the government gives more tax incentives to employers, it will not help with unemployment.

5) Remember to be nice to others.  You have no idea what they may be going through.

6) A family member may be living with you in the near  future.

7) Seek  financial guidance before you die.

8) Doctors say it is OK to have a beer or 1 glass of wine each night.  No overdoing!

9) When stars are born in the universe, they possess the power to grant your wishes.

10) You are never too Old or too Young.

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