Kindle, Nook or a Book

Which do you prefer?  Do you have an opinion? 

Purists like myself prefer the tactile nature of  printed books.  Yeah, Yeah, the eReader will save space and for some it is just  a ” must have.”  For now, I prefer real books.  Digital or eReader, You decide.

Kindle:   Cost – $139 to $379.     The latest version of the Kindle e-book is Kindle DX.  It has a display of 9.7 inches with an E Ink screen.  The device is slim and has just 1/3 inch thickness. One can download books free of cost and without any contracts through the 3G wireless service.  The built-in PDF allows for viewing even tables and small prints with utmost clarity.   Auto-rotate feature of Kindle DX’s screen allows for transition from portrait to landscape view.  With this feature, one can easily view graphs, maps, web pages and tables. There is a text-to-speech feature which comes with Kindle DX.  With this feature, the e-readers read out content from blogs, magazines and books which converts the process of reading to listening.


 The Nook:    Cost – $149 to $199.     The latest additions to the Nook 1.3 include: “Read in Store” any book from the B&N e-book catalog daily for up to an hour for free (slower readers can return the next day);  dual internet connectivity (3G and WiFi);  lend a friend an e-book for up to two weeks; dip into OverDrive-powered local libraries;  open ecosystem that supports Adobe DRM and non-DRM books; browse books by cover; customizable screen saver and color touchscreen with improved contrast; more font choices; and a user-accessible battery.

Yadda, Yadda!

Book:  Free – $30       Libraries have free books or trade ins.  Garage sales are fabulous.  Trading amongst friends and neighbors.  Hard covers can be pricey, but give me one as a gift, HooYah!

 WOW!   Way too much information.  I just want to read the damn book.   It appears to be a 2nd job owning an eReader.   Sort of a mini computer, yet not.   

For now,  I like holding the printed books in my hand, turning each page as I read the words written by some brilliant author.  (Guilty Pleasures do not count)   Books have a personality.  Much like the authors and us readers.  Picking up a book,  years after reading it for the first time, touching the cover, flipping the pages and noticing the smudges from freshly polished nails, a ribbon or even a lowly bill found as a book mark.  Wonder if it was paid?   No such charm with the Kindle or Nook. 

What about:  Picking up a book a garage sale, finding small folded notes, pressed flowers between the pages  and a poem written in the owner’s youth.  There was also a small pencil drawing  of a flower;  similar sketches strewn throughout the book.   The name of the young girl written in an old style script on the face page, the year, 1921.  Finding the knowledge that the person was over 90 years old, had passed away and had the book as a teen.   A young girl’s foolish whimsy perhaps.   Remains of which were noted in the found objects pressed between the pages…..  How sweet!   This would never be possible with an eReader.  

What about:  Grabbing that dog-eared  paperback with crinkled pages, chocolate and  coffee stains and a few other unknown substances.  Notes scribbled in the margins, dates, names, places.  Critical notes to the author on few paragraphs.   These books are like old friends.  A sudden waft of Jasmine as I change the page.  Aahh, bubble bath.   I remember that.  A bubble bath, a book and some bubbly, a girls much-needed getaway.    I always run to these special books at times when I need something, yet I really have no idea what or why.  And so, there they are when I have that  need.   Only a precious few books are  loaned out to a few VIP’s.   Rules sometimes given in military precision to exclusive  borrowers.  Afterall, they are but fostering the book.

Regardless of what one chooses I am pleased that reading is alive and well.

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