It’s Almost Heeere……..

Classy Style

It’s Coming Fast


What did you think I meant?   Autumn/Fall has so many pleasures and it’s the shortest season. Why?   Here, in Michigan, it’s about 2 weeks of a pure Fall.  That is the short window of opportunity for the Color Tours and such.   So, we have to work fast and savor the season slowly.  Is that an oxymoron?  I’ll check. 


For now,  I am beginning the planning process for a few day trips around the area, hopefully to enjoy the Fall colors and local events.    I will share some local spots with you in the following weeks.  There are many events, places and things to do and to visit, within an hour or so drive from anywhere in Southwest Michigan.  So please stay tuned.  I am putting the list together and checking it twice. 


 Oh, and do not forget about FOOD.  I have selected the cookbooks and pulled out those well-loved recipe cards of old.  I am getting ready for next month, to begin baking a few fun recipes.  I have my standbys, the tried and true ones and of course the favorites, the gotta have it recipes.  You know, the ones that if you don’t make them, you get yelled at!   Believe me it’s easier to just go ahead and bake the goodies, then to suffer the repercussions!  If you have any recipes that you wish to share please do so.  I would absolutely LOVE it.   I will post a few of mine along with a photo or 2.  So, coming soon.  Yuummmy!

Fall Decorating

AND,   Please do not forget about decorating.  It isn’t all about pumpkins, folks.     So listen up all you  Guys!    If you want the woman in your life to grab you and give a giant bear hug and just possibly a few extra generous kisses! ( This is G-rated) I know,I know,  she does that everyday doesn’t she!   I guarantee this will bring bonuses galore!  Interested??   This is what you can do.  Now,  On your own or with some help, Put together a few Fall Containers for the front steps, maybe a porch or the back deck and patio.  And, as a delightful bonus, the neighbors will be dazzled at your creativity and thoughtfulness;  and totally jealous, which makes it  sooooo worth it.    Here is an idea for a planting container that I thought was a bit different, just to get you started.   Go ahead and place pumpkins around but you do not have to make them the focal point, use them as an accent to the containers and other landscaping.  I have this container pictured on the upper left.  I hope you like it as much as I do.

*Yellow and Gold Autumn Container

Shown above in the left photo:

Ornamental peppers, a spiky grass and golden chrysanthemums give this container an autumn glow. It’s a great combination to make the transition from summer to fall.


  • 1 14-inch container
  • 1 6-inch pot fountain grass ‘Dwarf Hameln’
  • 6-pack white violas
  • 1 6-inch pot gold chrysanthemums
  • 1 6-inch pot ornamental peppers
  • 1 4-inch pot dwarf yellow dahlias

If you cannot find the exact plantings, pick something similar to the style and color.  It’s not rocket science, thank goodness.  These should last until freezing temps descend upon us.  (so much longer than a floral centerpiece)

*Good to Know

At the end of summer don’t toss out all the plants in your containers. Cut back leggy annuals and “spot replace” plants that are too weary to revive. You can fill empty holes with plants from this list of fall favorites.

 Happy  Planting!!  I have more ideas coming to this Blog soon.  Until then……I”ll need a Latte.

*courtesy of p allen smith

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