Feel Good Fridays…..Meet My New Boys!

My Cabana Boy


Meet my new Cabana Boy Brad! 

My new Cabana Boy is Cute.

He brings me soft towels.

He carries fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas.

He stands, he turns, he flexes.  :)

He keeps a smile on my face.



My Boat Captain


 Meet my Boat Captain Johny.

My Boat Captain is rugged and quite handsome.

He can handle any boat and fight off pirates.

Captain Johny is very strong and loves to drink rum.

My Captain has many stories to tell in very sexy voice.  I am a great listener.  :) 

My professor

Meet my new history professor.

He has smoldering brown eyes and luscious thick dark hair.

He is fantastic… with the sword and can battle pirates.

His voice is that of an angel.   :)

He dreamed he had long blonde hair, saved tiny people with big feet and battled evil orcs? 

He looks best in a white shirt open to the waist.  Do not know why, he just does.  :)


My Pool Boy

Meet Zac, my new Pool Boy.   Yes he is!

Zac takes  pride in cleaning  the pool.  Very dedicated.

Zac dances and sings whenever I want.  

Zac looks great without a shirt.  Why Yes….. Yes he does.

His hair is cool and eyes are very blue.  Sweeeet!


Meet Eric. 

I call him Lucky. 

Lucky is just for fun.  :)

I’m a Lucky girl.

A One Way Trip To Mars…..Get On Board

Going to Mars … on a one-way trip


In an artist’s conception, a Mars explorer surveys one of the Red Planet’s grand canyons.

Alan Boyle writes: Will the first explorers to visit Mars come back to Earth? Or does it actually make more sense to leave them there? The idea of sending the Red Planet’s first settlers on one-way trips has been kicking around for years, and now two researchers have published a paper in the Journal of Cosmology laying out how such missions could play out between now and 2035.

“It is important to realize that this is not a ‘suicide mission,'” Washington State University’s Dirk Schulze-Makuch and Arizona State University’s Paul Davies write. “The astronauts would go to Mars with the intention of staying for the rest of their lives, as trailblazers of a permanent human Mars colony.”

I read this article, all the while shaking my head.  Then I proceeded to read the comments, which were colorful.  The 300+ comments were all of the same mindset.  “Where can I sign up”  or “Good bye wife and kids”  “If it doesn’t cost me too much, yeah, I’ll go”.  Are we nuts?  First of all:  Does anyone have a clue what this will cost?   This little “Getaway Trip”  has been whirling around the minds of those rocket scientists even prior to the mid 1990’s.   We have become clueless in this country as to how these programs of study are funded, not to mention the cost of the program.  We just play along and say “Cool! Sign me up”.   Yet we know Kim Kardashian’s booty measurements and we know all about the guy called the “Situation.”   We have become such a silly race of humans.  I can only imagine that if there is life out there….. We would hear much laughter coming our way.    


Barb@Cafe Today | MONDAY…….Dreaded, Feared and Loathed

 Just because it’s Monday, doesn’t mean it should be a day of dread for you. I am with you on the horror of going back to work.  Hopefully my meager attempts to brighten your Monday will lift your spirits, add a spring to your step and put a smile on that face.   I believe it is rude to work more than 4 days a week.  Don’t you agree!  We should have Saturday  for decompressing.   Sunday is for rest, church and being with family.  Monday is the feel good day!  Here are a few suggestions for a Feel Good Monday.   

   1.   Call in work.  Do this straight away.  Do not think about it…. Just do it!

Your Loved One

 2.    The day is all yours.  Go back to bed.  Sleeping is up to you.  Spending time with your loved one.  Yeah!  I know I would.

  3.    Brew a fresh pot of coffee.  A nice omelette, waffles, muffins?    If cooking is not realistic, then toast or whatever you might have.          Just go with it.

 4.     Presentation is everything.  Serve breakfast on your best china. Use sterling if you have it.   If it looks good, it usually tastes good.

  5.    Linger over breakfast… make playful, positive, polite conversation.  More Flirting? Optional.

 6.   Your loved one may or may not go to work.  You support him either way.      

7.   You now have the day to yourself.   Seeeee…… Mondays aren’t so bad.

A couple of cute bookends

8.    Time to make your place look quite smart.  Tidy up one room and move on, making your way through the rest.  C’mon move quickly.

9.   Time to tame those unruly books?  Get a couple of cute bookends.  Amazing how 2 little things can make your day brighter.  

10.    Shower, dress and get out.  Do the errands you have been postponing.  Duh!  It’s Monday, do not waste it!    11.    Treat yourself to a nice lunch.  Not too much.  Something a tad bit decadent.  :)

12.     Now for the real fun!   The must haves of the season.  Select a sweater, a Jacket and Sharp Boots.   Mmmmm!  Nothing like spotting a great pair of Manolos or Louboutins to stop a girl cold.  Hope you have your fashion journal handy.  Buy what you need to add to your wardrobe.

Manolo Blahnik

13.    Remember the Book Shop or your local Library.  Reading expands your mind and vocabulary.  Not only will you look sharp, your mind will stay sharp.  Not to mention, always having intelligent conversation material. Pick up something for your loved one as well.

14.    What’s for dinner?  A quick stop at the grocer or grab a few deli items and voila!  A lovely Monday style dinner for 2.  Do not forget the candles and flowers for the table.  Use your best china and silver for an elegant table setting.

15.    Spend a lovely intimate evening at home.  Relax!  You have earned it.  So much accomplished in one day.  You have only to wait until next Monday to do it all again.  The week will rush by in a blink.

I do hope my suggestions and tips help in surviving Mondays will help you.  Until the powers that be change those wretched work week laws,  we will continue to strategize our game plan for Mondays.

If you have tried it, let me know how it works for you.       

UPDATE!    I no longer have Mondays off. It is by design.    I now have Wednesdays off.  Work 2 days. Off a day.  Work 2 days.  Off 2 days.  It’s a plan that works for me.  A few more years and I will be working 2-3 days tops.  Now that’s a plan!