No Cost of Living…..And The Answer Is?

 Has the US become a Soup Nazi??  No cost of Living for You!  No jobs for you!  Get Out!

 I have prepared a few figures and totals, along with a graph depicting our dollars spent to bail out those fine Deserving Folk over at the “Financial Depository of Idiocy” and the “Alliance of Taking Your Last Dime”.   Research has revealed even more concerns regarding our present and our future.  Our nation is aging and our brains start to conveniently forget the past until another, even more catastrophic event takes place.  Concerned citizens of this great nation have become apathetic knowing full well that our questions and protests  will continue to fall on deaf ears.  Many lives are in turmoil.  All due to the Bailout and it’s repercussions.  A large number of workers are now unemployed with no positive outlook and no healthcare.  If you are among the lucky ones who has a life of no turmoil, bless you.  And just what are you doing to help those who are  in turmoil?   Anything?  Anything?  The largest group in our country, our Seniors, are denied a simple cost of living.  Why?  AHH!   To explain, I would need Paper, Inks, Rope, Spackle, Floss, Airline Tickets and Duct Tape.   Use your imagination.   Was it not just a scant matter of 24 months ago when we were speaking  of Bonuses?  Huge, Ginormous Bonuses for those employed by the “Institutions of No Soul”.     The TARP pay czar criticizes big bank bonuses but won’t seek refund of bailout money.  That was a headline in the Los Angeles Times.    The TARP Pay Czar, Kenneth R. Feinberg calls payments to executives of “those companies with no soul” *  such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and other firms that received bailout funds  ‘ill-advised’  but says they don’t rise to the level of   ‘contrary to the public interest,’   which would require him to demand repayment.   They don’t meet that criteria?    My God, what would they have to do?   Sooooo, a cost of living increase for Social Security recipients ” is contrary to the public interest?”   Seriously?  But he stopped short of demanding a refund of  the $1.6billion, that’s    $1,600,000,000.00    for the most egregious payments handed out to executives by banking firms bailed out by the government during the height of the financial crisis, saying that it could invite lawsuits.  Ooooo!  We are afraid of those big bad institutions we HAD TO SAVE FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD.  Are we nuts?  I say let them sue us. As DeNiro would say, “You Talkin To Me?”  Are we that wimpy or are we afraid of the truth coming out?  Let them become litigious .   We, who paid them would love to take a look at their books.  Yet, according to (Kenneth R. Feinberg’s) reports,  it was  found that bonuses and other payments to highly paid executives at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., Wells Fargo & Co. and 13 other financial firms were “ill-advised,”  and “troublesome” said he, the special master for executive compensation under the $700-billion ($700,000,000,000.00)Troubled Asset Relief Program.  Is there a  special master for executive compensation OVER   $700 Million?   :)    The Obama administration’s pay czar in July,2010 came to the conclusion about fat Wall Street bonuses that average Americans have already reached: There’s no logic behind them, except GREED.    GREED!   DUH!  


Makes No Sense Chart


The graph on the right represents, Business, Investments and Loans made by the US over the last 2 yrs.  In following Federal Guidelines for predicting growth, including possible repayment of funds, based on an average of 1.87% of our GNP and if the gold color blocks will out perform the blue by at least 3.25%.  This is all  just Nonsense!  And so are the studies and reports we have been fed  over the past 2 years.  Throw out a few numbers, pop up a few graphs and have someone announce “This is what we shall do for the greater good”.  Everyone’s personal BS meter should still be hitting the RED ZONE.  Danger! Danger!  So how did you fair after all the bonuses were handed out ” with the thanks of a grateful nation?”    

Seriously though, click on the link for more fun with charts and graphs.  Here is the Multi Page, Line by Line Report of the Distribution of TARP Funds.  For Real.

The financial health of this nation, which as we all know,  is in a very poor condition due in great measure to the Bailout aftermath?    Got Jobs?  Not in Michigan.  It was announced today that unemployment levels will remain the same levels through, get this,  December of 2011.  Are you kidding me!  What happened to the jobs bill?  Oh, that’s right.  Politics as usual.  I feel as if we are all infants.  Why?  You know!  It doesn’t matter what they say to us as long as they say it in Monotone we will simply pay no attention.   If the news reporter reads with no emotion what so ever:  the world is coming to an end.  Now, a new way to cook eggs.  SEE!  Of, course I don’t mean behaving as Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh either.  I mean give these announcements more than a sound bite.   Last month almost every citizen was clambering over the Official Statement:  The Recession has been over since June, 2009.  Yeah, I buy that and all beach front property in Iowa.    What Reality Game were they playing when they  arrived at that conclusion?    NONSENSE.  Recession is over just a few months later, but there is no growth.  What?   Well, maybe it is not over.  We may just be the dumbest or most gullible nation in the world.  I did not see anyone protesting these results in Washington.  Or even locally.  No Rants.  Why not?  Where was Glen and Rush?   Where was the guy in Florida?  Why didn’t he want to burn that report in protest?  Just sayin’.   

See Henry Paulson Lie

So, in that vein, is there a true reason our Senior Citizens will not get a Cost of Living Allowance (COLA)  for the 2nd year in a row?   Of course the Official Reports  state: The COLA is based on the official measurement of inflation.  “There was no inflation, it was Flat.”  Reads the report.    Tires are flat.  Politicians are flat.  Prey tell who was that Lucky Schmuck who gets to whip out his tape and get to measuring?   How long did it take him to measure inflation?  Comparisons must be made by each quarter.  But the stats are so  skewed, it becomes impossible to filter out the truth.  The honest to goodness truth is in there somewhere.  Good Luck finding it baby!   Being a political issue as well as financial, we are basically screwed.  I vote to have former Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson, put in charge of anything to do with Social Security.   Reason?  He “charmed” the US out of $4,700,000,000, 000.00 for the TARP Program. (That’s $4.7 Trillion dollars.)  Remember the line, “We cannot let these institutions fail”?     I say, let Henry Paulson weave his magic spell for Social Security and any other Sane program in need.  Make him actually earn all that money he made for his Buds over at Goldman Sachs, AIG and the rest of the TARP gangs.  Never forget that we as a nation,  paid for the Bonuses worth Millions and Millions of dollars, to mere mortals who were placed above the average Joe because they had “brilliant minds!”  They did?  Many gained  from this tragic time because they had a value. Do we regular Joes have a value?   Yet, on the floor of the Senate, it was stated that “we must allow these bonuses to be paid or these companies will not be able to keep these “brilliant minds of Financial Foolery on their payroll.”  ” They will go somewhere else.”   Siberia would be a nice place for them.   Oh, yes that is right.  We must pay them.  How’s that working for you out there?   I feel the need for what I have dubbed, a moment of redemption.  Maybe, if Paulson works for Truth and The American Way, for the remainder of his life, along with a number of others, perhaps then, he will have some redeeming quality.   Let’s try it.       September 19, 2008.  See Henry speak.   See Henry Lie.  Henry is good at that!  Remind me again.  Who did Henry worked for, before being anointed Secretary of Everybody’s Money??

The seniors deserve a Cost of Living Adjustment.  Plain and Simple.  We are talking $25.00 to say $60.00 on average for each person.   My God, you’d think it was like asking for a Trillion dollars.  $1,000,000,000,000.00.  That’s 12 zeros.  Count ’em.   It is a big pet peeve of mine to not include zeros when speaking of large sums of money.  Otherwise, we lose our perspective on the true value of that dollar amount.   The TARP recipients  and others received their Fat Ass Bonuses.  I did not even get a thank you.  Anyway, we give HUGE amounts of Aid to other countries.  We cannot give our people a few bucks?   Gimme a break!  You know the Seniors will spend it in their local shops and for necessities.  Such as medicine.  Had a prescription filled lately?    Even with some insurances, you pay $60.00 on up for meds.   Lets not even discuss Health Care. 



The Wall Street Bailout Table shown above was updated as of September 24, 2010.   If you are still awake and care the slightest, these figures should scare the Hell out of you!  Writing this article is very emotional.   Retaining linear thoughts has become more difficult with each line,  as it is so emotional. Far too many are directly affected by what has happened to our economy.   Are we involved in this country?  Or, are we just  taking up valuable resources.  Harsh?  Perhaps.  Each one of us has a responsibility to ensure this country becomes a Great Nation once again. It needs our help!  Become involved in your community.  The best place to start.  Those I spoke to,  felt a helplessness.  You are not helpless.  Do something to benefit others and benefit yourself in the process.  Demand more from your elected officials.  ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN IN THEIR OFFICE FAR TOO LONG!  Treat them as an employee.  Do the job or you’re FIRED! 

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