NBC…The Biggest Loser…Fat Bully?


For your consideration.  The following story of a nation of curious people.  So, every Tuesday night,  millions of people tune in to watch  The NBC program  ” The Biggest Loser”.  Our curiosity gets the best of us on this night.  Why?  Because we can watch as contestants are ridiculed, screamed at and manipulated all in the interest of a game show.  This show is in my opinion a cross between, Survivor, Big Brother and Jerry Springer, with a few other things I cannot name here.   It happens to be the only show on network TV in which Shame, Bullying, “Prejudicial Behavior”, Scare Tactics, “Scream Therapy” and so much more, is allowed to take place on our TV screens,  in primetime each week.   How are we to educate each other and our children, to be tolerant and kind to each other, when this program promotes a “bullying” and assorted other poor behaviors every week?  All this is accomplished in the name of ratings.

Having watched Survivor for many years, I expect the scheming and back stabbing, lying and what have you that goes on each week.  Yeah!  It’s a game show.   This behavior on the show is expected and it is the entire premise of that show draws us in.  Out Wit, Out Last, you get the money.   So, the Biggest Loser, is nothing more.  Don’t look as if you didn’t know that!   Having not watched the show since its first air date back  years ago, I had to watch parts of the show because I wanted to write this story.  I listen to people speak about  this TV show.   First, there are the groups who watch because, in the privacy of their own homes they can ridicule the contestants at will.  Fun, huh?  I once asked a woman, who was very, very thin, why she watched the show every week, as she did not need to lose any weight.  Her response was, “Someone has to show these people,  it is not smart  to be overweight.”  Soooo,  they are stupid?  I asked how she felt about the screaming and yelling that Bob and Jillian did every week.  Her response was. “It’s OK!  Someone should have screamed at them years ago.”   Nice!  This person also believes that treating employees that same way is perfectly all right.  Oh, wait.  I need to clarify that.  Only if that employee is overweight.  Loves to see them cry, so “maybe they’ll finally get it.”  Ah, bullying at it’s finest.    What a nice person to work for. 

The show may “help” certain people.  I find it hard to believe one needs to be harassed on a game show to change their life.  Just sayin!   “Alex, I’ll take kindness and education for $1000.00.”    My poke at Jeopardy here, but my point is made.   Severe obesity should be treated as any other emotional issue or addiction.  I am not a medical practitioner.  I understand bias and prejudice when I see or hear it.  Mostly though,  I understand Kindness.  NBC should be ashamed and take this show off the air.  Call it what it really is.  It’s a game show.  The producers can throw in personal poignant moments to rip your heart out and cry along with others.   Grown men crying, as they stand half-naked on a stage for the weigh in, the camera lens in a “tight shot” of their faces, this is not an act of kindness.   You want to care about these people.  And, yes they are people.   Bob and Jillian get paid to produce many  “dramatic moments” and act as if this was real life.  In 2004, the winner in weight loss earned $250,000.  Rumor had it that the trainers were paid $100,000+ for the season.  Not to mention the publicity they all earned for their own fitness routines, DVD’s, workout wear and so on.  A game show is  not real life.  Bob and Jillian will continue to go around hawking their wares on any and all TV, radio and personal internet sites and receive Big Rewards for “acting in a game show”.   Do not ever forget, Bob and Jillian are paid handsomely for their acting skills on this show.  Viewers out there, are you really watching  Jillian’s face when she is making a contestant work really hard while screaming?  Do you watch her when she is scheming with the contestants on a winning strategy?  Strategy for what?  Oh yeah, MONEY!!!

Here’s an idea!  Would we care to watch a new show called  ” Biggest User?”   It would be a great show!  Because user addiction is such a health issue in this country, we should give it a chance.  Scores of Drug Users can participate in group activities, exercise sessions and mini marathons to show they are committed to get on the right track.  Can you imagine, seeing  Bob and Jillian scream and belittle those “users” in similar circumstances?   The result would be an entire country outraged!  Yet, if one is overweight, it is perfectly OK!  That is bias my friends.   

With a slew of network programming dedicated to poor behaviors, it boggles one’s mind how much we as humans tolerate.  I say we as humans are smarter than that.  

The public that watches The Biggest Loser is the reason it is still on the air.  These are the people who are responsible for the making of the show.   Shame on all of them. 

  Bob Harper:  A Celebrity Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor.    Jillian Michaels:  A Personal Trainer, Diet Products.

Host: Alison Sweeney

Trainers: Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels

Executive producers: Ben Silverman, Dave Broome, JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson and Mark Koops

Co-executive producers: Howard Owens, Todd Lubin, Matt Assmus

Line producer: Carole MacDonal

Director: Neil DeGroot

Director of Photography: Neal Gallagher

Casting producer: Allison Kaz

Origination: Los Angeles, CA

Produced by: Reveille LLC, 25/7 Productions, 3 Ball Productions

*These are my opinions based upon a review of the show and other discussions.

2 thoughts on “NBC…The Biggest Loser…Fat Bully?

  1. fnkybee says:

    I can’t agree more with you! The reality shows I think are way out of control. We as a society have become so obsessed with other people’s drama it’s sickening. I am guilty with a few, I started watching The Real World back when it started and continued to watch it for the next 5 years, but when it got to be all about the who’s doing who and how drunk can we get I couldn’t take it anymore. The first few seasons where excellent, dealing with real issues..not so much anymore it’s porn in PG format. Unfortunately it’s the new way of TV and it makes me sad. Is it to make us feel better about ourselves? Shew..I’m glad I’m not that person with those problems.. Did you ever have the pleasure to watch Temptation Island? That was superb (sarcasm). Let’s put couples on an island and tempt them with other hotties and screw up their current relationship and probably every one there after. Awful. The only reality show that we watch anymore is The Ultimate Fighter..It has a bit of testosterone drama but other than it is real..You have to fight to win. No kickoffs, backstabbing…you fight, you win, you stay.

    • Happy you agree. Where else can we allow this type of behavior. And, yes Temptation Island was a moment of greatness for TV! By chance have you seen Teen Moms? I only saw parts of it on the news shows. They keep talking about it. Ugh! Our TV programming says a lot about what someone else thinks we need to watch. I would love to pay them a visit and see what they are smokin!!!!! If I could inhale I might join them……:) Thanks

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