Feel Good Fridays…..Meet My New Boys!

My Cabana Boy


Meet my new Cabana Boy Brad! 

My new Cabana Boy is Cute.

He brings me soft towels.

He carries fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas.

He stands, he turns, he flexes.  :)

He keeps a smile on my face.



My Boat Captain


 Meet my Boat Captain Johny.

My Boat Captain is rugged and quite handsome.

He can handle any boat and fight off pirates.

Captain Johny is very strong and loves to drink rum.

My Captain has many stories to tell in very sexy voice.  I am a great listener.  :) 

My professor

Meet my new history professor.

He has smoldering brown eyes and luscious thick dark hair.

He is fantastic… with the sword and can battle pirates.

His voice is that of an angel.   :)

He dreamed he had long blonde hair, saved tiny people with big feet and battled evil orcs? 

He looks best in a white shirt open to the waist.  Do not know why, he just does.  :)


My Pool Boy

Meet Zac, my new Pool Boy.   Yes he is!

Zac takes  pride in cleaning  the pool.  Very dedicated.

Zac dances and sings whenever I want.  

Zac looks great without a shirt.  Why Yes….. Yes he does.

His hair is cool and eyes are very blue.  Sweeeet!


Meet Eric. 

I call him Lucky. 

Lucky is just for fun.  :)

I’m a Lucky girl.

8 thoughts on “Feel Good Fridays…..Meet My New Boys!

  1. fnkybee says:

    I am pretty sure you my friend just made my day!
    ps. if you see some stranger hanging around your house it’s just me admiring your boys! I promise not to touch..just admire!

    • Why yes I do. :) Thanks for asking. Talk about smoldering…..Oh, yeah! I will bring them out another time. I am just enjoying my new boys right now. You know how it is….you always play with the new toys first!!!!

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