Movie Monday! May God Help Us all…….

“I read the news today oh boy!”   The Beatles had it spot on.  Jackass is the #1 movie and that says sooooo  much about our country.   What!  Are we nuts?   I cannot for the life of me, understand how this could possibly happen.  And do not say escapism…..!   The appeal of this movie is beyond me.  OK!   Going to the movies is terribly expensive.  Tickets, Popcorn, Soda and candy if you have kids, oh my.   I love movies and I am a bit picky about which movies I see.   I had noticed for the past 2 weeks, Johnny Knoxville was pimping, I mean promoting  himself and his movie on every, I mean every TV show possible.  Not just late night TV. 

Jackass in 3-D

  Get this.  Johnny was even on Martha Stewart.  What?  Yeah, like he watches her on craft day!   “Oh, Martha , I loved your Squash Soup and the Pea Pesto was divine.”   Sure!    Martha Stewart and Johnny were carving pumpkins like  normal people.  Woooh!  Full body shiver on that!  Not only is this movie taking your hard-earned money, it is taking even more  than usual.  TA.. DAAAA!  It’s in glorious 3-D.  Ka-Ching!  Paying even more bucks  for stupidity and frightful behavior.  Would love to know how many at the theatre, were between the ages 12 and 18.   Our future leaders.  Should I be worried? 

Allow me to speak on 3-D  movies.  I have watched many 3-D movies with and many without my children.  I must say, overall I did not feel that the differences in the movie experience itself , was worth the up charge.  For a total of 2 to 3 minutes of special effects in an entire 2 hour movie.  Remember Jaws 3-D?   I’m just not sold on it yet.  I watched Avatar both ways.  Not a huge difference, it was still great!     Still, there is nothing like the experience of watching a movie on a gigantic screen with THX sound.  That is my favorite part of going to the movies.  As a young child, I had always walked to the theatre and would sit through 2 showings.   Not possible today.  Going over every scene in my mind, the wardrobe of both men and women, how cute the guys were and if the story was plausible.  Even then I thought I knew how to make the picture much better!  Just the physicality of being immersed in a great story is the draw of the Big Screen presentation.  I loved it!   One of my dream jobs would have been becoming a Movie Critic.  


My favorite movie not in 3-D is   INCEPTION.  WOW!  This movie did not need anything else to set your mind reeling.  It was a tangled story and believe me it was thoroughly enjoyable.  Action, adventure, ensemble cast.   This was my favorite movie of the year.  Inception will be out on DVD on December 7th. 

The Town     If you can catch this flick before it goes away, please do.  Everyone who saw this movie really liked it.  Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner,  Jon Hamm.   

Up Coming Movies: 

SKYLINE      Be careful who you invite to visit  earth.  They just might come.   Whether you like it or not.  And you know how  Family Get- Togethers can be!     

DUE DATE        is in the vein of  The Hangover, but not as vulgar.  It is a road movie concerning a soon-to-be father (played by Robert Downey Jr.) and his cross-country trip to make it back in time for his baby’s birth — with the only roadblock being the dubious passenger (Galifianakis) who’s along for the ride.    Should be very, very funny!  Robert Downey Jr.  Nuff said.


I cannot end without giving special mention to the movie    The HANGOVER.   No way was I going to see this movie.  You know, another Men behaving badly movie with the usual scantily clad women and more crude language then necessary.  Well, I got over that!  I watched it at home and instantly became unglued.  Not easily done for me.  OMG!  The crude language is a bit much as well, but I got over that as well.   The over the top script was so bad, I felt guilty for laughing.  Thank goodness for rewind on the DVD player.  I never missed a scene.   This is sooo not the type of movie I ever watch, there is just something……   I put the movie in when more bad news seems to find me.  My friend and I exchange movie lines from The Hangover just to get us through the week.   I must pray for forgiveness


And Then…..The Holiday Movies are coming, The Holiday Movies are coming!

It’s Feel Good Friday………….Fall Decorations and Fun Reads For You!

Harvest Decorating

Fall is absolutely Glorious in the Midwest.  This year especially glorious!  Much to do, Fall decorating, many activities with school or college.  Go Spartans!  Some have expressed to me, a let down of sorts with the end of summer.  Well.  First thing.  Embrace Fall.  It’s beautiful.  Take it all in.  If you remember the article I had on Fall Decorating with Containers.  Read it again and perhaps become enthusiastic about some simple touches that always add a loving touch to your home.  Put out a few pumpkins.  Real or otherwise.  Visit a craft store or even the Grocery and pick up a few candles, scented and plain.  Place these around with some gourds, and tiny mini pumpkins. Viola!  Beautiful.  Believe me, small simple touches of the outdoors can lift your spirits.  No money!  Go outside and cut a few branches, leaves or not, and put them in a large vase.  Place on the floor or corner table.  Instant cool!  Decorators get big bucks for this.  Some greenhouses or market stands have mums for $2.00 to $4.00 each.  Cash in a few pop cans and you are good to go!  What ever you do, make it simple but love what you are doing.  These touches will keep us all happy until it’s time to decorate “en mass” for the Holidays.  Only   71 Days till Christmas.  I hear sleigh bells already.     

Let me offer a couple of suggestions for you and anyone who needs a laugh or a heartfelt story.  Either of thesebooks  should lift your spirits.  I guarantee it!   One other thing these 2 books have in common, is their extremely long titles. 

On Tuesday, I was anxiously awaiting a book my friend told me would be hitting store shelves.  Hoda Kotb from the NBC Show Dateline since 1998, has written a book.  I know!!   So my number 1 pick is  her new book.  Hoda is beautiful and talented.  A bit crazy when she is with Kathie Lee Gifford, but then who wouldn’t be??  Actually, it is very good from the portions I read.  Her multi cultural life, growing up and battling divorce and cancer at the same time.  Inspiring, interesting and some fun.  How did she get where she is today?  Well, it’s in the story!  Her new book:   Hoda:    How I Survived War Zones, Bad Hair, Cancer, and Kathie Lee        by Hoda Kotb     Here’s a short excerpt for you:

*Recently, I was walking through one of New York City’s terrific neighborhood street fairs teeming with colorful



Hoda Kotb Book


  booths. Banners promised “Millions of Socks!” and vendors proudly displayed tie-dyed scarves and chocolate-covered marshmallows on skewers. The crowd had a Sunday pace and I happily relaxed into the mix of sun-soakers and serious shoppers. As I wandered, some who watch a bit of television offered their kind hellos as they passed by. A friendly guy selling piano lessons wanted to chat. He asked one of the two questions I most often hear. 

One is, “Where are you from?”

He asked the other: “How did you get to where you are today?”

It’s always that second question that makes me want to pull out a vinyl pocket photo file. It would flip-flop-flip all the way down to the ground, filled with pictures of the extraordinary people who guided me, who took a chance on me, who supported me. They are the answer. They are how I got to where I am today.

Think of all the people who’d fill your pocket photo file. Or even the pages of your book. I never really considered writing a book, and wondered—when someone suggested the idea—whether I could. I can’t remember a damn thing! Big problem. A good friend of mine, aware of my recall issues, mailed me a package of dried blueberries when she heard about my book project. The enclosed card (I’m told) read, “Good for your memory. Start eating these by the bushel!” Well, the package never arrived. Classic. The berries got lost, just like my memories.

Turns out, though, several hundred pages later, I did have a book in me. I do remember things once I dig around in the fuzzy matter a bit. (I wisely issued shovels to my siblings, too.) So, what’s my book about? It’s about where I’m from. My family. The hunt for my first television job. And the double whammy that took my breast and broke my heart at the same time. It’s about stories I’ve covered around the globe. Hurricanes Katrina and Kathie Lee. What I’ve learned so far in my life. It’s about how the dirt that gets kicked in our faces sometimes transforms into magic dust. Most important, though, these pages are a way to give credit and thanks to the people who boldly stepped up when no one else would, and who quietly sat down next to me without being asked. My book is about all that and a random guy on a plane who told me, “Don’t hog your journey.”

Okay, I won’t. Here’s my journey. I’m so glad you’re here. Pass the blueberries.*

 Everyone of us needs a book that isn’t necessarily about medieval castles or a dry biography, a book about we as a human and how we adapt to many challenges.  And should anyone be interested, Hoda is single, very pretty, loves wine and looking for Mr Right.  I am sure NBC would get in touch with her,  should you want to give her a call.  Want the number?  :)

The number 2 book I had heard of last week was:  

  American Freak Show: The Completely Fabricated Stories of Our New National Treasures  by Willie Geist.     Willie is the co-host of Morning Joe on MSNBC.  I am not a fan of that show.  I had seen Willie Geist as a fill in for members of the NBC news team.  I had thought him to be dry and humorless.  Boy, was I wrong!  Willie could be the Joan Rivers of 2010.  He picks on everyone.  Truly no one is safe from his oddly strange mind.  He is funny!  Here is the review: 


*This is not the first book written about quantum mechanics, but it just might be the last. The theory presented inside these pages is so revolutionary that it has stunned the scientific community into reconsidering centuries of thought about the behavior of energy and matter. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Sorry, that s the introduction to Willie Geist’s next book the culmination of his life’s work. Look for it next spring, just in time for Mother s Day. This book is about his other passion: freaks.

When he’ s not in the lab, Geist spends his time on MSNBC s Morning Joe sifting through the wreckage of American politics and popular culture. These days, that’s a big job. With an Alaska hockey mom turning, almost overnight, into a national icon and threatening to move from Wasilla to the White House, with the world’s most famous athlete now associated less with the Masters and more with the strippers, and with reality TV working around the clock to ensure the constitutional right of every man, woman, and child to fifteen minutes of fame, Geist’s business is thriving

American Freak Show

 In his hilarious first book, American Freak Show, Geist takes the smart, biting observation loved by his television audience to new satirical extremes. The real-life characters who now haunt our daily lives are cast as stars in completely made-up scenes that, frankly, are not all that far from reality.

Geist treats us to the first look at President Sarah Palin s unconventional inaugural address, performed live on WWE s Monday Night Raw after her renegade victory in the 2012 election. We go inside the ballroom for a Dean Martin style welcome roast of Bernie Madoff upon his arrival in Hell, with Pol Pot serving as side-splitting roastmaster. Geist provides us with never-before-seen FBI wiretap transcripts of the more mundane, but equally profane, telephone conversations of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. And George W. Bush s batting-cage-and-waterslide-themed plans for a presidential library are laid out publicly for the first time.

From Obama to Oprah, Afghanistan to Lohan, and Snooki to the Salahis, Willie Geist spares no one as our host of this wild American Freak Show. You ll laugh out loud while weeping for the future of America.*

I say it’s worth a look.  It is meant to  be fun.  So in the interest of Feel Good Friday, I hope I have given you a few things to ponder.  For those that missed last weeks article:   Shop Your Closet!  Stop over at my blog and check it out.  Until next time……..Love Yourself, Love Your Family, Enjoy Your Life!



No Cost of Living…..And The Answer Is?

 Has the US become a Soup Nazi??  No cost of Living for You!  No jobs for you!  Get Out!

 I have prepared a few figures and totals, along with a graph depicting our dollars spent to bail out those fine Deserving Folk over at the “Financial Depository of Idiocy” and the “Alliance of Taking Your Last Dime”.   Research has revealed even more concerns regarding our present and our future.  Our nation is aging and our brains start to conveniently forget the past until another, even more catastrophic event takes place.  Concerned citizens of this great nation have become apathetic knowing full well that our questions and protests  will continue to fall on deaf ears.  Many lives are in turmoil.  All due to the Bailout and it’s repercussions.  A large number of workers are now unemployed with no positive outlook and no healthcare.  If you are among the lucky ones who has a life of no turmoil, bless you.  And just what are you doing to help those who are  in turmoil?   Anything?  Anything?  The largest group in our country, our Seniors, are denied a simple cost of living.  Why?  AHH!   To explain, I would need Paper, Inks, Rope, Spackle, Floss, Airline Tickets and Duct Tape.   Use your imagination.   Was it not just a scant matter of 24 months ago when we were speaking  of Bonuses?  Huge, Ginormous Bonuses for those employed by the “Institutions of No Soul”.     The TARP pay czar criticizes big bank bonuses but won’t seek refund of bailout money.  That was a headline in the Los Angeles Times.    The TARP Pay Czar, Kenneth R. Feinberg calls payments to executives of “those companies with no soul” *  such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and other firms that received bailout funds  ‘ill-advised’  but says they don’t rise to the level of   ‘contrary to the public interest,’   which would require him to demand repayment.   They don’t meet that criteria?    My God, what would they have to do?   Sooooo, a cost of living increase for Social Security recipients ” is contrary to the public interest?”   Seriously?  But he stopped short of demanding a refund of  the $1.6billion, that’s    $1,600,000,000.00    for the most egregious payments handed out to executives by banking firms bailed out by the government during the height of the financial crisis, saying that it could invite lawsuits.  Ooooo!  We are afraid of those big bad institutions we HAD TO SAVE FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD.  Are we nuts?  I say let them sue us. As DeNiro would say, “You Talkin To Me?”  Are we that wimpy or are we afraid of the truth coming out?  Let them become litigious .   We, who paid them would love to take a look at their books.  Yet, according to (Kenneth R. Feinberg’s) reports,  it was  found that bonuses and other payments to highly paid executives at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., Wells Fargo & Co. and 13 other financial firms were “ill-advised,”  and “troublesome” said he, the special master for executive compensation under the $700-billion ($700,000,000,000.00)Troubled Asset Relief Program.  Is there a  special master for executive compensation OVER   $700 Million?   :)    The Obama administration’s pay czar in July,2010 came to the conclusion about fat Wall Street bonuses that average Americans have already reached: There’s no logic behind them, except GREED.    GREED!   DUH!  


Makes No Sense Chart


The graph on the right represents, Business, Investments and Loans made by the US over the last 2 yrs.  In following Federal Guidelines for predicting growth, including possible repayment of funds, based on an average of 1.87% of our GNP and if the gold color blocks will out perform the blue by at least 3.25%.  This is all  just Nonsense!  And so are the studies and reports we have been fed  over the past 2 years.  Throw out a few numbers, pop up a few graphs and have someone announce “This is what we shall do for the greater good”.  Everyone’s personal BS meter should still be hitting the RED ZONE.  Danger! Danger!  So how did you fair after all the bonuses were handed out ” with the thanks of a grateful nation?”    

Seriously though, click on the link for more fun with charts and graphs.  Here is the Multi Page, Line by Line Report of the Distribution of TARP Funds.  For Real.

The financial health of this nation, which as we all know,  is in a very poor condition due in great measure to the Bailout aftermath?    Got Jobs?  Not in Michigan.  It was announced today that unemployment levels will remain the same levels through, get this,  December of 2011.  Are you kidding me!  What happened to the jobs bill?  Oh, that’s right.  Politics as usual.  I feel as if we are all infants.  Why?  You know!  It doesn’t matter what they say to us as long as they say it in Monotone we will simply pay no attention.   If the news reporter reads with no emotion what so ever:  the world is coming to an end.  Now, a new way to cook eggs.  SEE!  Of, course I don’t mean behaving as Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh either.  I mean give these announcements more than a sound bite.   Last month almost every citizen was clambering over the Official Statement:  The Recession has been over since June, 2009.  Yeah, I buy that and all beach front property in Iowa.    What Reality Game were they playing when they  arrived at that conclusion?    NONSENSE.  Recession is over just a few months later, but there is no growth.  What?   Well, maybe it is not over.  We may just be the dumbest or most gullible nation in the world.  I did not see anyone protesting these results in Washington.  Or even locally.  No Rants.  Why not?  Where was Glen and Rush?   Where was the guy in Florida?  Why didn’t he want to burn that report in protest?  Just sayin’.   

See Henry Paulson Lie

So, in that vein, is there a true reason our Senior Citizens will not get a Cost of Living Allowance (COLA)  for the 2nd year in a row?   Of course the Official Reports  state: The COLA is based on the official measurement of inflation.  “There was no inflation, it was Flat.”  Reads the report.    Tires are flat.  Politicians are flat.  Prey tell who was that Lucky Schmuck who gets to whip out his tape and get to measuring?   How long did it take him to measure inflation?  Comparisons must be made by each quarter.  But the stats are so  skewed, it becomes impossible to filter out the truth.  The honest to goodness truth is in there somewhere.  Good Luck finding it baby!   Being a political issue as well as financial, we are basically screwed.  I vote to have former Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson, put in charge of anything to do with Social Security.   Reason?  He “charmed” the US out of $4,700,000,000, 000.00 for the TARP Program. (That’s $4.7 Trillion dollars.)  Remember the line, “We cannot let these institutions fail”?     I say, let Henry Paulson weave his magic spell for Social Security and any other Sane program in need.  Make him actually earn all that money he made for his Buds over at Goldman Sachs, AIG and the rest of the TARP gangs.  Never forget that we as a nation,  paid for the Bonuses worth Millions and Millions of dollars, to mere mortals who were placed above the average Joe because they had “brilliant minds!”  They did?  Many gained  from this tragic time because they had a value. Do we regular Joes have a value?   Yet, on the floor of the Senate, it was stated that “we must allow these bonuses to be paid or these companies will not be able to keep these “brilliant minds of Financial Foolery on their payroll.”  ” They will go somewhere else.”   Siberia would be a nice place for them.   Oh, yes that is right.  We must pay them.  How’s that working for you out there?   I feel the need for what I have dubbed, a moment of redemption.  Maybe, if Paulson works for Truth and The American Way, for the remainder of his life, along with a number of others, perhaps then, he will have some redeeming quality.   Let’s try it.       September 19, 2008.  See Henry speak.   See Henry Lie.  Henry is good at that!  Remind me again.  Who did Henry worked for, before being anointed Secretary of Everybody’s Money??

The seniors deserve a Cost of Living Adjustment.  Plain and Simple.  We are talking $25.00 to say $60.00 on average for each person.   My God, you’d think it was like asking for a Trillion dollars.  $1,000,000,000,000.00.  That’s 12 zeros.  Count ’em.   It is a big pet peeve of mine to not include zeros when speaking of large sums of money.  Otherwise, we lose our perspective on the true value of that dollar amount.   The TARP recipients  and others received their Fat Ass Bonuses.  I did not even get a thank you.  Anyway, we give HUGE amounts of Aid to other countries.  We cannot give our people a few bucks?   Gimme a break!  You know the Seniors will spend it in their local shops and for necessities.  Such as medicine.  Had a prescription filled lately?    Even with some insurances, you pay $60.00 on up for meds.   Lets not even discuss Health Care. 



The Wall Street Bailout Table shown above was updated as of September 24, 2010.   If you are still awake and care the slightest, these figures should scare the Hell out of you!  Writing this article is very emotional.   Retaining linear thoughts has become more difficult with each line,  as it is so emotional. Far too many are directly affected by what has happened to our economy.   Are we involved in this country?  Or, are we just  taking up valuable resources.  Harsh?  Perhaps.  Each one of us has a responsibility to ensure this country becomes a Great Nation once again. It needs our help!  Become involved in your community.  The best place to start.  Those I spoke to,  felt a helplessness.  You are not helpless.  Do something to benefit others and benefit yourself in the process.  Demand more from your elected officials.  ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN IN THEIR OFFICE FAR TOO LONG!  Treat them as an employee.  Do the job or you’re FIRED! 

 To read more click on these links:    




Shop Your Closet For The Best Bargains In Town!

 I first published this article back in October.   Recently, my BFF’s  have asked me to post a new one.  Not sure if I want to do a new one.  This still stands the test for the Holiday Season.  My first re-post!

Ralph Lauren $1098.00

The Jacket is Hotter than ever!  Possible even surpassing the Jacket, is  THE SWEATER .  Sweaters are back and, Are They HOT!  Shrugs, Open Style or Sweater Coats.  Beautiful Textures, luxurious yarns and spectacular style.   The sweater pictured is from Ralph Lauren $1098.00.  It is beautiful!  Oh, Yeah, Like that’s coming home with me.   You can achieve trendy looks and high fashion style for a few bucks and a little time.  Take what you have right now and make it great.  Give yourself the opportunity to change-up that satin top or much-loved blouse.  You can be hip and more importantly, on trend.  God Forbid you are not!!  Do not get me wrong.  This is not only about fashion, It is about how we feel when we Look Good!    When women can save Big Bucks and Look FABULOUS, we are Happy People!   We all know that fashion dressing is an emotional journey. We experience this little “trip” every morning in front of the mirror.  And this journey can be had, for a boat load of dollars less, than you think. 
  I love looking at Designer Trend Lines and Haute Couture Fashion.  And, sure enough, other “Fashion Folk” will eventually  plagiarise these styles and sell them at 10% of the designer price.  Today’s Style Savvy Woman or Man, can take what you already own and just by adding a few touches of your own, turn out a look, that is nothing shy of  Simply  Fabulous!    I cruise the Designer sites and troll for fashion ideas I can steal, I mean utilize every month.  After numerous trips to cyber  “Fashion Worlds”, I begin to shop my closet!   When I am Finished there, I move on to Consignment Shops, Goodwill Stores and Garage Sales.   This you must do with an Open Mind.  Do not become timid now.  You can do it!  Here a few of my guidelines for saving hefty bucks.
1.  Shop Your Closet:     A few days before, call your best friend or sister or mom.  You will need someone riding shotgun on this.  Plus, it’s just more fun.  Okay, Okay!  You can do a trial run by yourself if you feel the need.  On “shopping” day, turn on some feel good music,  what ever gets your groove on.  Put out a beverage or two or six, maybe some tasty snacks for later.  Take everything out of your closet.  Everything.  Shoes, Purses, all accessories.  Have your  jewelry case on standby as well.  Unless your bedroom is a gigantically huge room, in which case I will hate you forever, by all means display everything in the living room for example.  Preferably on a day or an evening when you can take your time.  The decisions you make in this process are not to be rushed.  Dollars, $$$,  at stake here!  Have a Garment Rack?  Bring it out.   Look over the pieces you have and put aside those that may be stained or looking too worn or even the dreaded, “why did I buy this”.  DO NOT THROW THEM OUT!  Trust me! Put them aside.  They have a use.  Display like items together as a store would do.  Dresses together, shirts, blouses, you get it.  Add at least 1 full length mirror.  2 or more is better : )   Next, grab your camera or video camera.  Just trust me.  You will want to remember  which pieces you put together. 

MotorCycle Jacket $249.00 (on sale)

SHOPPING DAY!     YEAH!    Time to have Fun!  Start by dressing in separates that  you have never worn together in your life.  Throw on a leather jacket and belt it.  C’mon just start.  Remember as a child when you put on 3 shirts, a frilly skirt, donned 12 necklaces and paraded for hours in 5 inch heels from mom’s closet?   Do it again.  NO RULES!  When you have a few NEW outfits lined up, make sure you take photos or video to remind you.   Search your stack of catalogs or the  magazine rack  for style ideas  while rummaging thru your clothes.  Try replicating a few ensembles with what you have displayed.  Play with your clothes.  If all you are missing is a belt or a sweater to complete a look you wish to achieve, put those items  on the ” I need this” Shopping List for another day.  A small spiral notebook or class it up with a small journal.   Just keep a list.      
CATAGORY:     Take all the pieces of clothing, shoes, accessories and “what the hell was I thinking” stuff and sort all of them.   If a shirt is beyond all hope, cut it up for cleaning towels.  For goodness sakes, don’t buy cleaning towels with your hard-earned money.  I know they can be oh so cute!  They are free in your closet.
 1)     Law Of Fabric:    Think of all the shirts, skirts, dresses and blouses as “Fabric”.   Just like purchasing fabric at Fields Fabric or Joanns.  Even old sweaters are”fabric” of sorts.   Sweaters can be used for re-covering a dog pillow.  Also, look at the beautiful buttons.  Buttons definitely have a new purpose.  People collect them.  Again, if you know a sewer, she may want them.  A dress is merely a couple of yards of fabric.  Once you start to think of clothing this way, your mind can come up with dozens of ideas.  So, change your thinking.  Any decent minded sewer knows you NEVER THROW ANY FABRIC AWAY.  It is a LAW.  OK!  Now this is where the buddy who sews comes in.  Any piece of clothing can miraculously turn into a “trendy bit of stuff”.   In the blink of an eye,  Poof!   Another stylish ensemble.  After all, Cinderella had her friends, the mice,  who sewed and sang their way to quite a lovely frock.  And look how she turned out!!  Just sayin.
2)    Creative:   Have lots of belts in your closet?  Turn those skinny belts into bracelets.  Chain belts are soooo easy to re-invent.  It’s jewelry.  Add a few metal brads or add beads, put on a few stones from old jewelry. That belt can transform into hot looking bracelets or what ever you want them to be.  It is so  Cool.  Any crafty person can help you with this.  Voila!  A one of a kind bracelet that you can say, ” Oh, I picked this up at a cute little boutique in New York” .  Well that’s what I would say.   You do not have to over-share these little re-invented treasures with anyone.  However, If your friend spills the beans.  Just Remember, you probably know DIRT on her as well, and not afraid to use it.  : )    Me, I Love Pearls.  So I just had to show you this photo.  Love it!  There is a bracelet to match.

Pearls on Woven Belt $450.00

3)   Exchange:   Purses and shoes.  Same applies.  Re-Invent them, sell them or another Barb’s Super Saver Tip is:   Have an  EXCHANGE PARTY!   Yes, that’s right.  Call your friends and neighbors and have an “Exchange Party”.  Everyone brings items they no longer need or want.  Drinks, Snacks, Lots of Laughs.  I always like to have a few “Where Did That Come From” items to kick it up a notch.  Conduct the exchange in Freestyle or as an Auction with play money.  Remember!  Leave your wallets at home.  We are here to save money and go home Gorgeous.    The Exchange Party also works with household items.  A lamp, desk, Vases, bar-ware, you name it.  Just have fun with it.
4)      Consignment Shops- 2 ways:    The quality is usually very good, lots of recognizable names.  The prices are a fraction of the department stores.  Again, look at each piece of clothing in 2 ways.  Questions to ask:   Can I wear this off the rack as is or, can I tweak it?   Perhaps re-invent it into something even more stylish?  As is or remaking  your purchase is still going to save big bucks.  Your budget will love you.  And, you will love yourself.  Bring your  “fashion needs” notebook or journal.  See, this is why I said to write it down.  What pieces do you need to complete a “look” you were going for?  The Notebook or Journal is a  great idea for department store shopping as well.    Carry it with you.   Mine is well-worn and loved.  Saves time and money on returning items.    Having trouble finding a consignment shop you like.  Ask around.  Check local ads.  I have my favorites.  One of which, the proceeds go to the cancer society.  Sometimes I might pay a bit more, but it’s all good.   Once you find the store you like.  Let the staff know you are looking for certain pieces and certain sizes.  They want your business.  They will keep a watchful eye and ring you up when a stylish bit of stuff comes in.  Networking at it’s finest. 

Fashion Journal


5)   Goodwill or Salvation Army:     Have you been lately?  Everything from computers to lace bras.   I found 2 tall bookcases in excellent condition for $20 bucks each.  They accompanied my friend  home.  Cool!   Finds include, lots of prom type dresses, wedding dresses,  some career clothing, it all goes fast.  Do not forget the  fabric rule.  If it’s a nice piece of fabric, it can be transformed.   Jeans, jeans and more jeans.   Have any ideas for jeans?  These stores have tons of jeans.  Need pots for your plants.  They got ’em!  Just take your time and look with an open mind.   An old leather vest came come to life again with new buttons, a zipper  and a few stitches to give it more shape.  Alterations at a local shop would be minimal $$.  Tip to remember:  These stores  have  Sales  on certain days and the last day of the month is usually 1/2 off day.  Even better!!  Check for any flyers at the front desk as you walk in.
6)     Garage Sale:  I know, I know!   A garage sale or yard sale does take time to prepare and set up.  I am an old pro at garage sales.  No comments please.   It is Fall where I live and temps can be quite cool now.  I had a sale a few weeks ago.  Did pretty darn well.  Once your items are prepared and marked, the battle is over.  It’s Money Time.  Spring and Summer is the best of times for this.  To me, I do not care.  I have a ball anyway.  Coffee and  donuts with my friends and lots of really cool conversations with my “customers”.  Having a sale is sort of like being a BarTender.  People will say anything  and they do.  All the while making money in your own driveway.  Who knew.  Best time to start thinking garage sale?  January!  You have lots of nice lovely gifts from the Holidays, right?  Plus, you get snowed in any way and the Cable keeps going out so, what to do?  Gather the family and start going thru your STUFF.  Sort it out and mark your items to sell. At the very least, sort it and mark later.   Fold and pack the items away in bins or boxes.  Voila!  come the Spring, you are good to go!  I know you will find even more items for this sale.  **Do not forget, rule # 1,  look at the clothing pieces as a possible re-inventable item. **  Household items can be re-purposed in new way as well. 
Just ensure he has a pair of great fitting jeans, when you find them, buy several.  Same goes for most men’s clothes.   I love the look in the photo.  Please do not buy bulky sweaters.  Soft, luxurious fibers are best, such as a cashmere blend.  Check out Macy’s, Kohls and J C Penney.   Simple. Stylish.  Good Looking!  Who could ask for more?   And you get to take him home!  Look for men’s clothing at consignment shops and garage sales.  I see great pieces all the time. Again, make friends with the staff of those shops. 

Ralph Lauren Cashmere $397.50

Alas, I would never forget the guys.  They make us happy, so  we must take care for them.  Some men are really good at choosing a style or already have their own “look”.  Throwing on a week old t-shirt, jeans that would stand alone if not for the rips and thinking your scruffy beard is hot look, does not work!    It is a sure-fire way to repel the opposite sex.   Girls, we need to lend a hand.    For some, this is a process and cannot be completed overnight.  There is not enough spackle and duck tape in the world to accomplish this overnight.  Men are simple to dress.   How many accessories does your guy wear?  See?   They are simple.  Follow the same principles as you did with your clothes.  First:   Ply them with liquor and make promises of a future date night.   Always keep your promises though!  Second: Now that you have their attention, they will play along.  Do not worry.  Just make it fun.  Well, not that much fun!  Whatever you do, DO NOT BE MEAN!  It is a RULE.    Penalties will be assessed.   So, If your fella has 87  T-Shirts, ranging from pristine to thread bare.  You need to talk.  I know some t-shirts have special meaning.  Save them or display them.  It’s OK!    Unless your guy works at home depot, or Meineke Muffler, he does not need 10 t-shirts with their logo.    Again, think cleaning towels.  Free!   Third:  Buying 5 shirts made in a distant country may be cheap, but rarely will they last.  Since he already owns 87 t-shirts , go ahead,  save up for a well made $50.00 button down shirt like the one in the photo. Cashmere sweaters can be found for under a $100.   He’s gonna look so handsome and you can parade with him all over town.  As ZZ Top sang ” Coz’ every girls crazy bout a sharp dressed man”.  Amen!


Happy Endings:    You have now cleaned out the clutter from your closet.  Emptied those bins in the basement and made money.  WooHoo!  Rule:  Save money and time by thinking about what you already have in your closet and how  you can re-invent those pieces that need a little help.  Don’t tell me you do not have the time.  You make time to spend money, how about making time to save money.  No excuses.  Find the friend who sews or look up a tailor.   Be carefull  and shop smart  when you make purchases.  If you buy quality fabrics, they will serve you well.    You will end up with a great style which will make you feel like a million $.  Priceless to be exact!  You will exude confidence in the knowing,  you did not spend un-wisely.  Not only are you stylish but you are Brilliant!  Look at you.  You are Fabulous aren’t you?  I knew it all along.

Another Priceless Moment:   Lastly, the money you save can go directly into the savings account.  Use it for what you need.  Take a vacation.  How about a much-needed kitchen remodel?   Or, better yet,  just savor that peace of mind, always knowing you have cash in the bank!  You did it!  Just think, if we were guys we’d Chest Bump!!
Until Next Time……..Thanks everyone.