Want Stylish Holiday Fashions?

Shopping Chic

 So many parties, so little time!  Honey,  if this is your Holiday Madness…Make sure you look FABULOUS at all times.   Oh, no!  Closet looking a bit sad on the style side.  I know.  I am right there with you.  I can usually shake out a few accessories from my rule of   “Shop Your Closet First.”   Alas, I must go shopping for those super ubber stylish dresses and shoes. 

Who the hell is the buyer for some of these stores?  They have some serious explaining to do.  Unless you are the Queen Mum and want “dowdy” (no offense) as the dress of the day, where do I go?  Surely I am not to wear what my 15-year-old neighbor wears.  Good Lord!  After my feeble attempts at searching the Designer Sites and could not find anything under $5000 for a complete ensemble.  I yelled, Holy Snow Flakes!  I was at my wit’s end when I strained myself, ouch,  remembering some of my old haunts from a few years ago.  TA…DA!   So, after a few aspirin and a cold soda, it came to me.  No, not Brad or Johnny.  The  Spiegel Catalog.  I always found great deals there for many years and just lost the habit. I went online and Voila!  I found Happiness! 

The Holiday Catalog was Simply Scrumptious, Delicious, Tempting Lovely Bits of Glorious Style.

Another Little Black Dress

Who Woudn't look Great In This!


See what I mean?  The prices are terrific and you can purchase the required accessories as well.  COOL!  Even great unmentionables.


Lovely In Purple

A Lady Must keep Warm


Simple Black Dress $49

                                                                     This the one simple little black dress that I really like.  Sparkly jewelry, a little “diamond” swinging off my ear and a nice wrap perhaps and I am feeling good!  This dress can be worn year round, so no money wasted here.  It’s all good.   The Shopping Chic photo above is also one of my Favs.  The dress and lined jacket together are $113.  Pretty Woman has nothing on whoever wears this.  You will look elegant and people will “kill” just to wait on you.  Ubber career dressing as well.

Wow Them All with winter Blue $129

Be brave dispel those Winter Blues by flaunting it! 

 Blue is HOT!

The little Fun and Flirty 2 pc  is very cool!  So

Fun & Flirty 2pc $138

much to choose.  How can I make a decision? The shoes and handbags are luscious as well.  Whatever I choose will be a good investment as I will wear it in many ways.
You might like to check out a few lovely bits for yourself.  Click on the link :) 

2 thoughts on “Want Stylish Holiday Fashions?

  1. fnkybee says:

    I have not heard Spiegel in a long time! My mom always had Spiegel catalogs laying around and I always loved sitting down looking at them. They always have stylish/sophisticated clothes in there! I am going to have to order me a catalog now!!! My fav the Fun and Flirty!

    • I know! It is just a liitle different than the usual dress. It has been many years since I looked at Spiegel. I really enjoyed re-discovering them again. I hope you do as well. Thanks.

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