Cafe Conversations | Cannot See The Problem, For The Problems? …Part 1

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       Same question as the obvious one.  Can’t see the forest for the trees!   Are we not able to get a hold on the real problems because we cannot see through or around the problem itself?  Are we able to recognize any problem?  As our nation attempts to rid itself of this long recession, my concerns are many.  Answers are few!  Can we climb our way out of this quagmire of debt and joblessness?  Is there a path clearly visible to those decision makers?  Or, are we so burdened with political carelessness, that we cannot or will not find a true course?      (1.)   What would be your choice for a true course?    Please Share Your Thoughts.

~ * ~ 

        I am not particularly political and I am not taking a side.   Just voicing my observations.   As I listen to those supposedly intelligent beings not involved in politics, I hear plausible solutions that have a greater likelihood of succeeding than our current course.  I am completely perplexed by our nations leadership not seeing what others see.  The political machine sees the solution as 10 times more complicated than it should be. Thus the forest, trees scenario!  In a nutshell, it can be described as a person from Ohio wanting to drive to New York.  He is given a route with these driving instructions:  Drive to Africa, turn south across the Antarctic and veer right to dog sled over the Alps.   Sounds a bit like  an tongue in cheek Allstate Insurance Commercial.  (2.)        Should we expect an obvious course of action? 

       Our elected officials choose to solve problems with their “version of a solution” rather than intelligent, logical and fair-minded solutions that would benefit all Americans not just the top 2%?    The “driving route” situation described it well.  I am not sure they even understand that another, more logical solution will suffice.   A prime example is the Banking/Mortgage fiasco.  Quick  version:  Banks made loans for personal and business, all the while knowing that most would fail.  Crazy interest, ballooning rates.  The “Banks” made money on these loans from investors and stock margins with bonuses galore.  I’m talking $1o’s of millions in bonuses.  All was well with the world.      (3.)  What would have been a better version?

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      This has gone on for many years.  CNBC presented a great documentary on this as I offer a very condensed version. Also, PBS has an older program on derivatives that is extremely compelling. You may wish to check these out to learn more.  This scandalous business behavior has damaged our nation to a degree of which, we have  not seen in over 70 years.  The final blow came as Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulsen stated (I paraphrase here) the people who purchased homes were to blame,  as they took out mortgages they could not afford.  No politician stood up, as his elected position should require and shot back”  Are you kidding?”   Much finger-pointing ensued.  Name calling and feelings were hurt.  Much like a middle school dance party.  With blame all around,  everyone in Washington is responsible for what came after.  The lending institutions received  100’s of Billions of dollars, that’s 9 zeros, of our money.  The banking/financial industry struck back with bonuses for their CEO’s and employees. All right!   Every good citizen pays for these decisions.  And they continue doing it again with the government’s blessing.  Enough!  (4.)  Politicians should have said…? 

       In my small town, I see the injustice that has gone on and continues to proceed at full speed.  The Home Mortgage “help” has only truly been of benefit to a fraction of those the HAMP  or MHA program was intended.  Example:  Over 4 million home owners and still counting, were to be helped by the HAMP  or MHA program so says the President’s plan.  To date less than 900,000 have been truly helped*.  Now that means that the program is less than 25% efficient.  So, it is like having an employee that was only doing 25% of their job?  Would a business retain that employee?  As a business, would you continue with a program that is 25 % effective?  Apparently we do as a nation.  (5.) Does the American citizen understand what this is and why should they care? 

        Bob of    had a very nice experience with the WordPress Support Staff recently.  So… I asked my fellow blogger if he thought perhaps the WordPress Happiness Engineers could help the U.S. economy with some of their problems as WordPress employs pretty intelligent people who know how to solve a problem? A bit tongue in cheek, yes.  But, if we in the  WordPress blogosphere can rely on those resolution experts for our crazy and sometimes off the wall requests, why can’t we as a nation enlist such a **group of individuals** to assist us rather than those with only their personal political agendas?  Just asking!

Is this an idea worth pursuing?  What would be your solution?  (Please be kind!)

*Explanations of the fraud in Mortgage Modification is rampant and will be for another time.

**Not really the nice folk at WP, but you get the idea that we need someone neutral to make a few changes. Right? 


3 thoughts on “Cafe Conversations | Cannot See The Problem, For The Problems? …Part 1

  1. Tarot Reading says:

    Very well explained Barb. Thanks. And thanks for the mention here. If you come back to check out where that bit of tongue-in-cheek has landed, here in Canada we’re facing politicians with similarly blindered views as we head into an internet tax! Really!

    Maybe we should all be reading that great American document, your Declaration of Independence. It starts with …

    “… Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,…”

    I’m not recommending revolution. But we should all be taking care as citizens.

    – Bob

  2. Bob,

    Absolutely! I did watch the youtube video and visited your recommended sites. Sounds like the Powers that be already take a portion of tax on such uses already. How much more do they want and the end purpose is…? Could all the talk be a “let’s throw it out there and see if it sticks” scenario? That is a familiar political game.

    I pay a small federal tax on my cable and internet as well as a so called “usage fee”. Most people pay it as it is small, for now. A few dollars for each item, each month. Your situation sounds different as It may be a “killer” for the small telecom business as I read. I often wonder…did someone just wake up one morning…ding, ding, ding…and say….I will add a tax on the internet! I am Brilliant!! I often wonder on that.

    As with the U.S. sometimes, enough is enough. Logic must prevail, eventually! We will definitely keep tabs on this. Thanks, Bob.


  3. Tarot Reading says:

    Hi Barb,

    Much has happened over the last few days and I’m happy to say it looks like we may be repealing that bad decision. I too pay tax on my service and a “usage fee”, but it’s not the same as what was proposed here. Not by a long shot.

    Both my tax and usage fees are bacically flat. And tax, goes to government coffers. The “usage fee” is debatable and has often been questioned but for now, it is small and flat.

    The proposed changes would charge by usage. Meaning that the more I use the internet, the more it costs me. And the money gained would go to the corporations who run our ISPs, not to the government. So there’s no guarantee that the money or restrictions would be used in best interest of the people.

    Far from it, even as imperfect as each is, a government’s responsibility is still to the people while a corporation’s is othe shareholders. Very different priorities.

    Further, this would give the larger telecom corporations the power to squeeze out small players and thereby eliminate competetion. That’s never good.

    We’re certainly living in interesting times here. I’ve been posting each day on the deveopments. I didn’t intend to and have many things I’d like to post. But I think this is too important to ignore.

    Thanks for starting something wonderful with your questions Barb! :)

    – Bob (Tarot) Johnston

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