Rehab For Milly… No!

It was the  week before Christmas.  All was quiet in my humble abode.  Having settled in for the last-minute  scurry of holiday magic.  That was the week little Milly came to live with me.  Having been a resident of a nearby state, living in student housing  with a number of burgeoning future sports stars.    3  months of a so-called education, strange games of sport and beer pong tournaments seemed more than she could possibly endure.  Sadly, all the fun and games have come to an end.  Milly now lives with me. 

 Settling in was pretty easy in the beginning.  Milly was getting used to the new place.  It was about 3 days later that I began to notice the first symptoms.  I was not sure what I was witnessing.  Severe trembling.  I thought she was just cold.  Eating very little to nothing at all.  I attributed to moving and the new digs.  The trembling became constant.  She would tremble and shake so much that the little jingle bell on her collar would jingle  all the while.  Milly certainly needs my help. I began an investigation.  CSI:  Cat Surveillance & Investigations.   I asked my daughter to find more about how Milly’s life at the student house might influence her behavior.  I soon found that Milly drank alcoholic beverages whenever she wanted.  Drinking from any glass or container she found.  Most disturbing of all she had become a regular user of pot. No she did not smoke it.  She would eat it.   Crazy!  Well, didn’t this knowledge  just bring it all together.  She is going through withdrawal!




The problem here is that Milly is a 4 month old kitten.  Milly had full run of the house filled with college students.  Allowed to do whatever over those months.  Apparently, one of the girls thought it would be fun to have a tiny kitten as a pet.  It was a nice thought but these students are very driven in their education and  their sport.  In turn, they party  the same way.  After a while owning a kitten was no longer fun.  i believe she became more of a nuisance at that point.   The kitten ate whatever was left around and drank whatever assortment of alcoholic beverages were available.  Usually in greater  abundance on weekends.   I became upset when I was told that one of the students shared her stash of pot, pretty much on a daily basis, with the kitty.  And wasn’t it fun to watch a kitten go through the strange torture of ingesting drugs and alcohol!    Some people are not capable of taking care of another  living creature.  


So here we are, a few weeks later and I am still watching her going through withdrawal.  The trembling is a bit less frequent now.   I am pleased to say that she has quite the appetite.   A scheduled follow-up visit with the Vet is coming soon.   For a while,  I was really concerned I may have to resort to some type of rehab.  Cannot imagine what that would entail.   Thank goodness Milly is improving daily.

Apparently the Angel didn't need to be at the top


Napping till Santa Arrives

I believe it is a good sign when the kitten stays active, such as climbing the Christmas tree (cannot wait till next year) and now the curtains have also become a  daily activity.  She firmly believes this home is an amusement park and every object in it, is a thrill ride!  

 Thankfully, Milly rearranged the ornaments to her liking on the Christmas tree, did not care for the tree topper,( such a critic)  tasted the faux pine needles and destroyed garland and other decorative ornaments.  That was only the first week.   Alas, Milly seems quite at home now.   As you see, Milly has settled in comfortably.  Much to my happiness.


Spoiled Kitten

 Post Script              

Had I not been told Milly’s story of her life from the people who gave Milly to me, I may not have believed it myself.  She came my way through the one person who wanted to get this tiny kitten out of that place before something really awful happened.   

The Vet stated that Milly should be just fine.  I’d say she is.


Stop The Presses………Lindsay Tweets

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan tweets a quote from Ghandi and makes headlines.    

The headline on the news and web page was loud and clear.  Lindsay tweeted Ghandi’s famous line.  I just cannot bring myself to put those lovely words in a post about Lindsay.  So, what is all this really trying to say?  Lindsay has a brain?  Lindsay is well read?  Lindsay has changed her life?  Oh wait, she has a fanatical press agent!  Duh!  I do not understand all the press and air time crazy celebs receive.  I know…….  Here I am giving her one more.  There goes my New Year’s Resolution!

 May God help us all.

OK!  OK!  Lindsay tweeted…..

”Today is the first day of the rest of my life ‘The future depends on what we do in the present.’ -Mahatma Gandhi… One step at a time….”  



What’s For Dinner….More Than You Think


Home Baked Pasta

“What’s for dinner, mom?     Hon, what’s for dinner?”   


 Questions spoken aloud in many languages daily.  Albeit across the room or shouted loudly from outdoors. Words that seem quite simple, Yes?  Really they are not.  The act of cooking and enjoying a meal is vital to our well-being and our relationships.  Believe me they are.  The family meal.  It really is so much about the sharing of ourselves while preparing and serving  a meal.  While chopping vegetables, cleaning the shrimp and setting the table, whatever you do…..  there is magic in those moments.  The act of stirring a pot of sauce or soup…. conjures up images of years past.  Images of long ago that wind slowly through our conscious.  All the family is there.  Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sue…. they are all there…..  Perhaps a  beloved family pet snuggled in the corner…no doubt anxiously awaiting a spill or two.  Smells waft along the stove, hover over the table top and much to our delight…engage our appetites.   A smile registers on your face.   Ah, another  “remember when moment” sneaks in as well.  The “remember when” could be from long ago or last week.  Words unwillingly  spill out as our mind races over these past events….. perhaps a tear as well…….yet we really do not know how or why this is happening.  We just see how each small act  and movement has such a power that it is remembered, passed down through  many generations.  Yet, this moment, those decades of small moments, all sweep past in the blink of the eye

 Powerful moments are they not?   These moments pass through our emotional self consistently. Being part of a “Family” is amazingly  heady stuff.  This simple act each day is so much more than just a meal.  Perhaps the way you move, hold a pan as you attempt a flip of its contents or the recipes you have lovingly shared over many years.   These moments were meant to be savored, they are memories in the making……..shared and kept immortal by all of us.  Therefore and most of all, enjoy every second you spend in that kitchen ……making those future memories.

There is no need to place guilt on yourself  if you do not prepare multi dish meals every day.  If your main family meal is one day a week, so be it.  It is all about being together, making memories and sharing great food.  Once your family, yourself included, realize that meals prepared at home are usually of superior quality and healthier than fast food and processed food, since you control what goes in each dish. (I prefer my burger and fries prepared at home.)  Perhaps you could learn a couple good dishes and then expand on those. Soup for instance.  Learn the basic soup recipe and then mix up the ingredients.  It is truly amazing how creativity will take over.  Everyone will think you a genius.

Most of my memories are from my married life.  I had no such memories from my childhood.  My mother did not prepare meals for I no recall of her cooking.  I did however, become fascinated watching my friends parents, mom or dad, prepare a meal.  It was emotional for me.  It was not that I cried, it was the overwhelming experience of watching and learning.  I learned that it was about food and sharing family dynamics.  I remember my neighbor speaking of her mother and grandmother making the “best” food and showing me plates and serving dishes that were passed on,  retaining her memory within them.  As I grew up, (notice I did not say mature) I knew I had to learn to cook from memories of my friends, then with a simple trial and error method with recipes.  I would read cookbooks as a novel at times.  The Websters always at my side.  No clue what those cooking terms or spices were.  Didn’t always know what I was reading, but I muddled through.   I knew I wanted to learn everything from scratch, literally.  Oh, if only I had Food Network, cooking blogs and all those food shows on TV.   Oh my!  So not fair!  This generation has it made. 

Today, my 3 children are grown and are really, really good cooks.  They take great pleasure in preparing, serving and sharing a meal.  They will always have memories to savor and share.