Cafe Today | Where Art Thou Snow White ?

Hi Hoooo!   Apparently two rival Studios are looking for the new Snow White.  A live action version of the much adored Disney animated film is now in the works.  I say it could be OK!  Could be a great family movie or could be a really nice, more mature version if they choose.  Probably more of a family flick, eh!  Relativity Media and Universal Studios may be rolling out 2 rival films.  I am sure they will be different in oh, so many ways.  Number one would be casting of the film.   My casting ideas may not be the same as the studios would be however.  We have all seen roles given to the wrong people before. Oh, so many times.   Here are my suggestions:

  1.   Snow White    Alyson Michalka from Easy A          Or…      perhaps Nina Dobrev of Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev


Maybe even  Ellen Page from Juno as a wise cracking Snow White!  

Ellen Page


        For a more mature version however,   definitely Anne Hathaway.   Perfect!  Ooo! And what about Kiera Knightly?  Natalie Portman is expecting so no go on that.

        One studio has been letting it be known for a while that Kristen Stewart has been their choice for Snow White!  What?     Wait, wait!     You mean the same Kristen Stewart of Twilight?  What are they thinking? Kristen is a highly paid actress who does not really act. Yet, movie-goers continue paying to watch her not act.    *Read my discussion group report below.*    In, my opinion Kristen’s on screen presence consists of sulking, quite bewildered , pissed off and wait for it…….rigidity.   This is not really a review of Twilight.   I am talking about a new Snow White.  The role could be best played by a young fresh upcoming actress.

2.     Wicked Queen      Angelica Houston has my vote  

Angelica Houston

 or ……Sigourney Weaver would be superb.  

Sigourney Weaver

Charleze Theron and Julia Roberts are being considered for this role.   Eww!

3.   Her Handsome Prince Alcott    Matthew Goode from Leap Year.  Cute and a nice speaking voice. 

Matthew Goode

Or…. Steve Bacic from X Files and Andromeda.  Cute huh!

Steve Bacic

         This is a real dilemma though.  I need help on this one.  People are saying Johny Depp or Tom Hardy.  No.  That’s not going to work.  Help!   If the story is for young people, maybe Zac Efron?  The peanut gallery wants Dear John actor, Channing Tatum?  The prince role may just be the most difficult.  Please, no more Disney people.  Or, Twilight people.

4.   Dwarf Posse  

          Those Marauding Barbarian Vikings from the Capital One Card commercials might be a good choice.  With the help of CG they would be made much smaller.   The Munchkins from the Wizard Of Oz are all gone now.   Hmmm?    And, please no one say Zack Galifianakis.

Well that is it for me. What do you think about the remake and casting suggestions?  Leave your comments below.  I would love to know what you think!

**  Side Note:   I will say it again.  The same 20 people get 90% of the acting roles.  Not all of the 20 can act in everything, right.   C’mon movie execs.  Put a fresh face out there for us movie lovers to watch.**  

Group Review:    **In the interest of fairness, I sat down with a few viewers, ages 14 to 62, to have another go at Twilight and have a bit of a discussion.  Results:  Some were remembering parts of the book to fill in dialogue and scenes from Twilight.   So were they recalling scenes or having the book play out in their head? Some were caught up in the “love story” of Twilight.    Me, I am still shocked Kristen made movie number 2 and so on.  Same opinion as before.**


Snow White & Her 7 Dwarfs

 Photos courtesy of Disney Studios and

4 thoughts on “Cafe Today | Where Art Thou Snow White ?

  1. I would like to see Emily Osment do Snow White. She has played the sidekick to Miley Cyrus for too long. As for the Prince, Zac might be a good choice or Cory from Glee. While Jane Lynch might be an easy pick for the step mother, an actress I really like is Sophie Thompson. I wonder what others think…

    • Great suggestions. I love Sophie Thompson, her sister Emma as well. I am unfamiliar with Emily Osment. I shall check her out. Jane Lynch I like. For some reason I cannot picture it. I have others in my head I suppose, but well worth a considerable looky-lou.
      Thanks for the recommendations.

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