New Theme, New Post, New Laugh!

I had been working on 3 new topics when all of a sudden, SMACK!  I realized I was out numbered and surrounded by lunacy, the NRA and negativity.  Go Figure!  Feeling much like Custer as he shook his head saying “They were all right at the party last night!”.  I really needed to smile and laugh.  My search for personal amusement StumbleUpon gave me this. 

My Prayer Answered.  (Now if only the others would manifest themselves. sigh!)


Human Resources sent out a letter to Employees:

To have been a Fly on that wall when those were received!

**This is not meant to be offensive.  Just for fun. 

photo courtesy i.imgur


11 thoughts on “New Theme, New Post, New Laugh!

  1. EddyBettyShreddy says:

    HOLY SMACKERS, “I” have given letters like this to human resources and my boss…i lost those jobs, how crazy is that. I havn’t found employment yet! where suggestions for employee respect has been been appreciated.

    • Nice to see you,
      I love your Holy Smackers. I might plagerize that one when you arn’t looking! :-) If I worked there this letter would be proof that Human Resources were not being serious. If employees go this far in their language, they should be fired.
      I was in an office where abuses would take place and yet, the employee whose only infraction was to have a file of papers on his desk. These being papers that needed follow-up of which he was in charge. ABSURD.
      The workplace can be CRAZY at times. I found this to be spot on funny.

  2. fnkybee says:

    haha! I came across that too the other day on stumble. Too funny!
    Love the new layout! I looked at this morning and am contemplating changing mine to it. We can be twinkies ;) I’m a dork!

  3. Oh, Jamie you are so not a dork. I think you just have too much talent trying to get out!
    This paper brought back some pretty awful HR meetings . I think it is spot on.
    Thanks girl

    • Hello lady of vermont,
      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, there are many answers to #3. Most employers want it now. Do not care how, they just want it.
      Pleased you enjoyed the paper. Stop back anytime.

  4. EddyBettyShreddy says:

    Everyone must be familar with the saying justice to mean just us? Human Resources is the same for a company. The employees are the companies “Human Resources” to be be used and abused.
    I have also found the term “wage negotiable” to be bull crappy in my interviews. My last interiewer said “we start at $14” I replied “your job posting said wage negotiable on experience and since I have a shitload and you agree I do, how bout I start at $16, they scowled and said “WE START AT $14” .
    And one last little TICK ME OFF, when they advertise “competitive starting wage” what that really means is “our wages suck as bad or worse than where your coming from.
    AHH…..I finally got it out.

    • Hello EddyBetty,
      I am always amazed at the stories people tell of looking for a job or on the job experiences. Just the people I know , we could fill a book. Employers lie to get the employees they want. Then, lie to repress them. What creeps!
      Are you still looking for a job now?
      Pleased you stopped by

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