Best Moment! Royal Newlyweds Leave in Style

                                                                My favorite moment of the day! 

To top off their morning of matrimony, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hopped into a stunning Seychelles blue convertible Aston Martin DB6 for a quick, regal  and unprecedented spin around the ceremonial approach route of Buckingham Palace, much to the rapturous surprise of the lingering assemblage of well-wishers.  Isn’t that just grand!  Such a fun moment.

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The royal wheels – owned by Prince William’s father, The Prince of Wales – runs on the sustainable fuel E85 bioethanol, made from English wine wastage. The eco-friendly auto boasted a trail of decorations, balloons and a license plate bearing the legend JU5T WED.  Very Cool!

Just Wed /getty images

Many have speculated that the bright red L plate on the grill of the James Bond-style vehicle signified that the Prince was still a rookie behind the wheel. But fret not, motorists! It’s probably just a royal inside jape, as Prince William successfully passed his drivers’ test back in 1999.  The red  L  stands for Learners , much as we have a Learners Permit.   I don’t think he really has a learners permit.

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 excerpted from NBC news

Cafe Today | Medieval Riches! Austrian Finds Buried Treasure in Backyard



Brooch courtesy Austria Federal Conservation Authority
photo by Bettina Sidonie Neubauer-Pregl, BDA via AP


   “Fairy tales still exist!”

Apparently they do!  Such was learned when I began reading the current events of the week and  discovered this little gem, uh article. 

             VIENNA — A man turning dirt in his backyard stumbled onto buried treasure — hundreds of pieces of centuries-old jewelry and other precious objects that Austrian authorities described Friday as a fairy-tale find.  **(I’m renting a bull dozer)

             This Austrian by the name of Andreas K., who had asked not to be named, (like that will happen) discovered medieval jewelry, more than 200 rings, fancy dancy belt buckles, plates, which were a common form of wealth, many gem and pearl encrusted pieces and much more.  Can you imagine!   The age of this “found booty” they project to be approximately 650 years old.  COOL!  The value is now being assessed.  **Hmm! I wonder, did Jack Sparrow ever visit Austria?

               The Federal Offices for Memorials in Austria – Austrian for let us see your riches young man – seems quite enthusiastic and is drooling, I mean evaluating it’s significance and monetary value as I write.  After all, this is the most significant discovery of its kind in Austrian history.  **I know!  They are usually  so big on banks.                                                                 

                                                                             ~~ *|* ~~  

 “Fairy tales still exist!”  the headlines read.  “Private individual finds sensational treasure in backyard.”  **So much for my stinking garden gnome bringing good luck!

**Well Crap!  All I ever found in my backyard was rocks, broken glass, many blisters and a back ache.  Although, there was some unexplained pieces.  Not to forget the memorable and priceless chipped cats eye marble!  A Treasure it be!

                                          According to the local news source, The statement gave no details and an automated telephone message said the Office of Memorials had closed early on Good Friday. But the Austria Press Agency cited memorials office employee Karin Derler as saying the man came across the “breathtaking” objects years ago while digging in his back yard to expand a small pond. ”    Years ago?  Did he misplace them?  Had a lengthy Senior Moment?  C’mon!

                                                                          ~~ *|* ~~

                 A magazine identified the man only as Andreas K. from Wiener Neustadt, south of Vienna, and said he asked not to be named.  But, you just did.  Omitting his address of course.   Duh!  Google earth.

                 Andreas K. dug up the plunder back in 2007.   “Andreas K. did not report it to the officials at the memorials office until after rediscovering the dirt-encrusted objects in a basement box while packing up after selling his house two years ago.  The soil had dried and some had fallen off, revealing precious metal and jewels underneath. ”     ** Sooo,   he just put large hunks of dirt in his basement for future use?   And people  complain about my having 27 rolls of scotch tape.   I’m kinda thinking…Maybe that dirt on my garden boots will provide riches galore!

               This Andreas K., upon cleaning up a few pieces of those ancient jewels, initially posted photos on the Internet, where collectors alerted him to the potential value of the pieces.  He then decided to pack them in  plastic bags (really?) and wander on down to the memorials office.  So says  the local magazine.  Memorials office president Barbara Neubauer stated the objects were a “sensational find.”   **Hell Yeah!!

            Andreas K.  has stated he wanted to donate the treasure to the Austrian Museums.  He had no interest in the money.  HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!

Really, I think this so fabulous.  Whether Andreas accepts any money or not, is up to him.   Who says you can’t do the right thing and make a bit of  cash. 

What would you do if you found buried treasure in your backyard?

Remember that gentleman in Great Britain, Terry Herbert, who was out with his metal detector wandering in a field and came upon  the largest find of Anglo-Saxon Gold in British History!       Gotta fire up the eBay account and purchase a metal detector and go for a long walk-about.                          


The Good, Bad and Ugly in Washington

 Is This The Republican Wild West?

      Everything west of the Mississippi in the 1800’s was Wild and Free Wheeling.  Towns became infamous for their Gunfights, Corrupt Sheriffs and Politicians. Many “self appointed” politicians behaved as though they wielded the power of Excalibur itself. Only a few territorial representatives really cared enough about the growth of this New Frontier. Many felt it was not worth a penny!  (Well, that was before Mr  Sutter found Gold.)  Many towns made their own rules based on what was needed.  Not a bad idea, just no consistency. Since communications were crude at best, no one really knew what went on in the next town until you arrived.   



        This brings me to the town of Washington D C.  You are in the same situation.  You don’t know what the town is like until you get the lay of the land.  My mind jumped to those Wild, Free Wheeling times in Wichita and Tombstone. The image was clear when I listened to our congressmen and women speak of the possible “Government Shut Down.” Odd, I thought!  Yet, not really.  Where was the Sheriff?  The Peace maker?   Like Wyatt Earp, Matt Dillon or Bat Masterson?   Who really is running this town?  I mean really, who is in charge?  Apparently, no one is. We have a President that most of us keep defending.  Well Mr. President, we are quite weary of our tasks.  Yeah, Yeah, the President came to office in a financial storm.  I saw two things clearly at that time.  He opened an umbrella and our wallets.  The umbrella protected him and those he sheltered.  Yet, immediately every hand went directly to our wallets.  Thus, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly began running our country in a way that surprised most.  Now comes the time a true hero!  Such as a Clint Eastwood.   In the Wild West, a stranger would ride into town, see the lay of the land, then set about to render justice.   I know, melodramatic yes, and you get the idea.  Although, Clint Eastwood would do the job nicely, this country needs a person to take a stand and speak up for the rights of the middle class.  


     Once again, we are faced with those newly elected officials, “the new fast draws in town”, as it were, determined to make their mark as politicians.  Oh, yeh!  Just tell the folks back home “I will  rid this country of injustice and restore the American Way!  All will be wonderful again.”  Sure!  First however, they must add their own agenda to that American Way.  Just as the newly elected Governors are making their “Mark” on this country, so too are the Congressmen and women.  All this at whose expense?   OURS!   Clarification:  The Middle Class.   Yep!  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly definitely describes our nations Capital.  As those politicians make their MARK, we struggle for jobs, have our family home lost to Financial Institutions that were given Millions by our elected Politicians.

             Back on March 6,  my post addressed the lack of humanity certain groups had displayed toward the  families at military funerals. (  One comment I received was from Tara, of  and  the wife of an active Naval Officer, stating that the Military had been informed that if this Budget Crisis was not dealt with, the military personnel would have to wait for their monthly pay.  Nice, huh?  So while Democrats and Republicans argue their crappy political rhetoric, in other words, lies, lies, and more lies, any federal employee will be furloughed and has to wait for their paycheck.  Meanwhile, all CONGRESSMAN AND WOMEN WILL CONTINUE TO RECEIVE THEIR REGULAR PAY.  IT IS A LAW.  Some have offered 2 weeks of their pay to help others.  Big Whoop!  As my kids would say. 

   This is not a free for all government no matter what your elected official wants it to be.  We have a structure.  We have laws.  We have a Constitution. Even if the Shut Down receives a last-minute SAVE, the problem still remains.  We must remind our President and our Representatives that they were elected to serve ALL the people, to do what is RIGHT, not just promote their personal agendas.  America is no longer the Wild West with hired guns with quick draws.

Shame on you  Washington DC. 


Good, Bad & the Ugly courtesy cinematique

                                                         Wyatt Earp courtesy Warner Brothers

Cafe Conversations | Meet The New Snow White.

Lily Collins, our new Snow White,  thou art here.  Lily has been picked to play the lead role in Relativity Media’s  “Snow White” movie.  Lilly was not a front-runner of mine.  So, what do I know!  She is adorable though.   Lilly played the daughter in the movie  “The Blind Side.”  And just happens to be the daughter of singer Phil Collins.  Yeah, Snow White did sing and dance right?  What I do know is that Lily is adorable.

Lily Collins-Snow White

On February 5, 2011, my post reflected the very different ideas of just how Snow White and her pals should be portrayed.  I poked a bit of fun here and there regarding the cast choices.   To read that post, click on the link below.   I am still quite curious though,  about the studio’s vision of  the Seven Dwarfs.   CG  perhaps?  Little people?  Cartoon?

Armie Hammer of the “The Social Network” will join Lily as her Prince and  Julia Roberts joins  in this still untitled version.  Hmmm!  Any guesses on who Julia will play?  You will only need one!

Armie Hammer-The Prince

Lily Collins, a 22-year-old from England, is the daughter of musician Phil Collins. She played Collins Tuohy — the Sandra Bullock character’s daughter — in 2009’s “The Blind Side”.

On March 26, Relativity Media announced that Armie Hammer had joined the cast as Prince Andrew Alcott.  Snow White’s rescuer.  Julia Roberts will portray the evil queen.  See, I told you one guess is all you needed!  She can do that job quite nicely.

         Still to be cast: The queen’s henchman (What?  What henchman?)  and a character who takes care of Snow White.  A nurse?  Another What?  The 7 dwarfs took care of her last time.   This is really different.

According to the studio, the movie is “a retelling of one of the most beloved fables of all-time, will eschew the traditional story in favor of a more modern tale full of comedy and adventure.   After Snow White’s evil stepmother kills her father and destroys the kingdom,  What?   (that’s Comedy?)  Snow White bands together with a gang of seven quarrelsome dwarfs to reclaim what is rightly hers.”   Wow!  This is really going to be different.  But, I have high-ho  hopes this will be a really good movie.

Production is set to begin in Montreal in May 2011.    The movie is set to be released June 29, 2012. Relativity’s film is one of two “Snow White” projects currently under way.** UPDATE: New Release date is March 2012

Julia Roberts-The Evil Queen

Universal Pictures is making “Snow White and the Huntsman,” which has a release date of Dec. 21, 2012. Charlize Theron plays the evil queen in that version, and Kristen Stewart is in negotiations for the role of Snow White.  Kristen Stewart!  Say it is not so?  A darker, sulkier version no doubt.

Hi Ho!  Moviegoers.

First Look

Name The New Snow white Movie