Cafe Today | Medieval Riches! Austrian Finds Buried Treasure in Backyard



Brooch courtesy Austria Federal Conservation Authority
photo by Bettina Sidonie Neubauer-Pregl, BDA via AP


   “Fairy tales still exist!”

Apparently they do!  Such was learned when I began reading the current events of the week and  discovered this little gem, uh article. 

             VIENNA — A man turning dirt in his backyard stumbled onto buried treasure — hundreds of pieces of centuries-old jewelry and other precious objects that Austrian authorities described Friday as a fairy-tale find.  **(I’m renting a bull dozer)

             This Austrian by the name of Andreas K., who had asked not to be named, (like that will happen) discovered medieval jewelry, more than 200 rings, fancy dancy belt buckles, plates, which were a common form of wealth, many gem and pearl encrusted pieces and much more.  Can you imagine!   The age of this “found booty” they project to be approximately 650 years old.  COOL!  The value is now being assessed.  **Hmm! I wonder, did Jack Sparrow ever visit Austria?

               The Federal Offices for Memorials in Austria – Austrian for let us see your riches young man – seems quite enthusiastic and is drooling, I mean evaluating it’s significance and monetary value as I write.  After all, this is the most significant discovery of its kind in Austrian history.  **I know!  They are usually  so big on banks.                                                                 

                                                                             ~~ *|* ~~  

 “Fairy tales still exist!”  the headlines read.  “Private individual finds sensational treasure in backyard.”  **So much for my stinking garden gnome bringing good luck!

**Well Crap!  All I ever found in my backyard was rocks, broken glass, many blisters and a back ache.  Although, there was some unexplained pieces.  Not to forget the memorable and priceless chipped cats eye marble!  A Treasure it be!

                                          According to the local news source, The statement gave no details and an automated telephone message said the Office of Memorials had closed early on Good Friday. But the Austria Press Agency cited memorials office employee Karin Derler as saying the man came across the “breathtaking” objects years ago while digging in his back yard to expand a small pond. ”    Years ago?  Did he misplace them?  Had a lengthy Senior Moment?  C’mon!

                                                                          ~~ *|* ~~

                 A magazine identified the man only as Andreas K. from Wiener Neustadt, south of Vienna, and said he asked not to be named.  But, you just did.  Omitting his address of course.   Duh!  Google earth.

                 Andreas K. dug up the plunder back in 2007.   “Andreas K. did not report it to the officials at the memorials office until after rediscovering the dirt-encrusted objects in a basement box while packing up after selling his house two years ago.  The soil had dried and some had fallen off, revealing precious metal and jewels underneath. ”     ** Sooo,   he just put large hunks of dirt in his basement for future use?   And people  complain about my having 27 rolls of scotch tape.   I’m kinda thinking…Maybe that dirt on my garden boots will provide riches galore!

               This Andreas K., upon cleaning up a few pieces of those ancient jewels, initially posted photos on the Internet, where collectors alerted him to the potential value of the pieces.  He then decided to pack them in  plastic bags (really?) and wander on down to the memorials office.  So says  the local magazine.  Memorials office president Barbara Neubauer stated the objects were a “sensational find.”   **Hell Yeah!!

            Andreas K.  has stated he wanted to donate the treasure to the Austrian Museums.  He had no interest in the money.  HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!

Really, I think this so fabulous.  Whether Andreas accepts any money or not, is up to him.   Who says you can’t do the right thing and make a bit of  cash. 

What would you do if you found buried treasure in your backyard?

Remember that gentleman in Great Britain, Terry Herbert, who was out with his metal detector wandering in a field and came upon  the largest find of Anglo-Saxon Gold in British History!       Gotta fire up the eBay account and purchase a metal detector and go for a long walk-about.                          


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