Finally! A Day Without The Trumpster.

It took a world shaking event to keep the news media from plastering Donald Trump’s Face and blah, blah all over any and all news programs. 

And, I am not alone in this observation.  According to the  Politico website, they are not that keen on him either.  The Republican front-runner, snicker, takes credit for all that is great, good, kind , etc.  Then proceeds to point fingers vigorously at all who dare disagree with him, the mighty Trumpster!

Osama bin Laden's death has pushed Donald Trump almost totally out of the political frame. | AP photo

Photo courtesy of AP.

“The events of the last 24 hours slapped America back to adultland,” said GOP consultant Mike Murphy, who has taken a wary view of the Trump boomlet from the beginning. “It’s time for the circus to leave town, and Trump will be on one of the wagons.”

It was the capstone to a week in which the gravitational pull of Trump’s celebrity had sucked the entire political world into its madcap orbit.

Yet even before Sunday’s refocusing on national security, there were signs Trump was flying too close to the sun.

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