Cafe Conversations | Memorial Day 2011

“Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply,

to enjoy simply,

to think freely,

to risk life,

to be needed.”

~ Storm Jameson


These words must be in the hearts and thoughts of all soldiers.


Memorial Service


I found this article while searching for inspiration.

 Take a moment and read a ~ Soldier’s Perspective. *

         President Obama today released the annual proclamation recognizing Memorial Day and those that fell in our nation’s defense.  The National Moment of Remembrance was established by Congress and signed into law in 2000 by President Bill Clinton. During a tour of the nation’s capital, a staffer asked the kids why Memorial Day is so important. “That’s the day the pools opens,” replied one child. Enough said.

To continue reading the  President’s Proclamation , click on the link :

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