Cafe Conversations | 9-11 Remembered

World Trade Center 9-11  – NY times

Catastrophic events bring out the best of a nation’s people.

 The best came without being asked.  

The devastation and sorrow experienced was immeasurable.

 The best rose above unthinkable tragedy to show we are not to be defeated.

The best allows us to live, heal and prosper.

The best is who we are.

A Quiet Moment at the 9-11 Memorial

9-11 Memorial Walkway

Photo courtesy of N Y Times.

One thought on “Cafe Conversations | 9-11 Remembered

  1. I love this post. You did a great job capturing not only the pain that we were dealt, but more importantly the hope that we displayed. The memory of so many lives lost and millions others altered will always be felt on 9/11. I am proud of our nation and the recovery we were able to make. Thank you for capturing these feelings in your wonderful post!


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