Cafe Today | Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Say It Isn’t So!

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I have been sobbing uncontrollably for days now.  The media keeps saying Kim and Kris are splitting up.  Today, Kim K. filed for divorce.   Oh, my !  I had thought this beautiful woman would have the love of her life forever.    Forever!   I cannot believe fate could be so cruel.  Kris Humphries is so perfect for her.  Don’t you think so?     I watched with such emotional anticipation the planning, the rehearsal, the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen.  Her wedding dress was divine.  Now this.  Kris, you must be some kind of sick person or fool to not put her on that pedestal and worship her.   To not give her the love she deserves and devote yourself to her is abominable.  

NBA lockout outlasts Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian’s

wedded bliss”~ LA Times

       Is that supposed to be funny Mr. LA Times?   Well, you are just bastards one and all.  And, for the NBA.   Stop the lock-out and put the players back on the court if that is what it takes to salvage some part of this marriage.   Saving a marriage is worth far more than those stupid negotiations.  So stupid. So selfish, NBA!  

Kris Humphries playing for the Jazz against th...

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Today I put in my notice for 4 mental health days.  I cannot work under these conditions.  It is far too upsetting to be at work listening to my silly co-workers.   They do not care.   I am heart broken.  I just could not take any more insipid comments  from them any longer.  Normally I can listen to my work pals and be OK with whatever they had to say.  I cannot today or the rest of the week.  In addition to that, pile on the couples who come in for help in their attempts to save the family home. They go on and on about not being able to make their mortgage payments and are terrified they could become homeless.   Putting food on the table and clothes for the kids.  Oh, boo hoo!    Well, maybe if you worked as hard as Kim K. did, you wouldn’t be in that predicament.   Oh, yeah!   Kim put herself out there and made a very good living.   She did not ask for anything!  She became so famous, that people run to her to give her more  and more.  See!  That is how it is done.  Believe me, working 2 and 3 jobs is not the answer honey!   Could everyone please get with the program and see what is happening.    This woman’s marriage is in trouble.  Everyone needs to pay attention.    

Tonight on the news, they keep speaking of the wedding gifts.  Oh, more cruel words.  Stop.  Just Stop.  Enough already!  Kim has all those lovely gifts that were for her and her husband to have forever.  All given with love and much thoughtfulness.  Do you not see it? They must work it out.  They have to.

For the love of God, they have to.   

4 thoughts on “Cafe Today | Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Say It Isn’t So!

    • Perhaps if the planets align and it’s a Thursday between 12:58am and 1:09am, the awkwardness disappears, Because you know, Love Finds A Way!
      Hey! What’s wrong with a girl making her bottom—- tops in talk?

      Let us pray these two will be together——–Forever.

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