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  Conversation and Coffee Lover here.   I always have much to discuss and boy can I talk.  Mostly… about what’s bugging myself or my friends.   My posts may be borderline brilliant or perhaps moments of whimsy.  ;)  

Who knows.   Grab a refill and we will discover the next topic of conversation.  

                      You never know when doing mundane acts leads to a “moment”. One day, as I stopped for coffee at my local Java Joint.  Same old routine. People smiling, chatting, sharing laughter.  WOW!  I never  gave much thought to this microcosm prior to that day.  I usually just get my drink and get out.   So today, I picked up my coffee and took a seat as an observer.   Thus the idea for my blog began!   The Cafe environment has become the new “Kitchen Table” where our everyday conversations seem occur.

           Parenting, Marriage, Divorce, Dating, Co-Workers, Employers, Neighbors, oh my!    We seem to talk about it all.  I join in a lively group and ask what is going on.  Hopefully, my writing conveys a bit of those conversations and perhaps other views on life as well.  Oh, and a dash of fun stuff.  Yeah!!!

          As long as we talk about life and our experiences…I believe we are strong.   When we stop talking …… society will change.  Slowing to a halt.

For today,  all I can say is….                  

              Love Yourself… Love Your Family… Live Your Life to the Fullest! 


**All posts are original to the author  (unless otherwise noted)  and ownership is herein implied.

6 thoughts on “My Blog and Me

  1. Barbara, I love your idea for this blog, and thank you for including me in your blogroll. As part of my new year’s attempt to lose weight my big dog Moki and I biked over to a friend’s house for a cup of tea today. As we sat in her living room, I kept feeling like I should get up and go and let her get on with her day, but I just couldn’t. It was soooo nice to just sip and chat and share the moment. As soon as I got home, my ranch helper came in for her morning cup of coffee and we sat and chatted for quite a while. I knew I had tons to do, but the moment and the sharing was just too precious to interrupt. Needless to say, I didn’t get a lot accomplished today, but I am very nourished and content. And it feels really nice to type this to you. I think we’ll take more time, don’t you, if nothing else, just by reading and writing. BTW, wasn’t Jane’s Mary Oliver poem gorgeous????

  2. Hi Nancy. Your day sounded lovely. Time spent in good company is a fine accomplishment I must say. I miss having cozy neighbors and friends close by. Pleased you like my blog idea. Yes, Mary Oliver’s poem was simplistic elegance. Just what I need. I must remember to enjoy the moment. I agree whole heartedly.

    • Such nice words from you, EddyBetty!

      I changed and rearranged my little blog so many times. Your blog is always great! Just keep trying new themes or experiment. Do whatever strikes your fancy. I find it to be lots of fun!

      So happy you stopped by.

  3. Hi,

    I wanted to send you a quick note because I read what you wrote about water conservation here (

    I just finished helping to create an infographic about how much fresh water goes into things we do and consume. The idea is to bring a little extra awareness to what our every day impact is.

    Some of the information was pretty surprising! I had no idea just how much water is needed to produce some of the foods I eat…

    Anyway, after reading what you wrote, I thought you might like to use the infographic on Barb’s Cafe Today.

    It’s totally free to use, of course. If you do use it, please link back to the original source so anyone else that would like to use it can too.

    The infographic is here in the original post link:


    ~ Mel

    Melanie Palmero, Loch Ness Water Gardens
    Tel: (864) 538-0022 | Mobile: (404) 384-7268 |

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