Cafe Today | Wisdom of the Healthcare Law – A Box of Chocolates?

Can someone PLEASE explain the Healthcare Law to me?  I’m confused.  Snicker if you must.  I have questions.  Where is the wisdom in this law?

So, the healthcare law is coverage for everyone.  Howdy do dah day!

Wait!  Except for people who cannot afford to purchase private insurance.  And, people who are not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid coverage. What?  So there are many limitations?   Then there are those who will be “taxed” for NOT having insurance. I believe the President clearly said  “This is not a tax”.  We penalize those who least can afford to purchase insurance? Really? Do they get a side of witty sarcasm with that tax entrée?

Assorted Chocolates

Fannie May Assorted Chocolates courtesy   Of course I purchased a box.   Duh!   Sorry, no wisdom.

Forest Gump was right.  “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get”.  Did I just quote Forest again.  Help me!

Tell me again why we have a healthcare plan that will cover everyone but doesn’t? So, we really don’t  have a healthcare plan for all? I’m confused again. No surprise.  If this healthcare plan is so straight forward, why is it so complicated?  No 2 people appear to agree with the language of the law.  Pass the chocolate!

OK!  Working through the chocolates.   If you are passed middle age….I mean way down the road beyond  the curve of middle age…you are now in danger of falling  into the infamous “crack”.   Lots of cracks in the system as we are learning.  How many times have we heard that?  You wouldn’t think it could possibly be that hard to find people down there, when it is so darn crowded.

Photo of the “cracks we fall into”……coming soon to this space. I have to get out first!

Oops!  I fell into the crack!    (I don’t know how to spell the sound of a deep sigh so, just sigh amongst yourselves.)  I personally cannot afford to purchase healthcare. It would cost me about $800  a month for a policy with a ginormous deductible and major out of my pocket-book expenses.   I know.  I have looked for coverage. (Sucks being older.  BB King said it best….The  Thrill is Gone!)   Therefore, placing me in the working poor category.  For those who do not know what that is, my congrats.  It  means my only choices are paying for insurance or a place to live.  Being too young for Medicare and  too old for braces, working 2 part-time jobs with no benefits what so ever, just puts me  over the $ amount for any type of qualification.  Luckily, I am not on any medications.   ………. Not for the lack of someone screaming I should be!

Honestly, I do not know the status of my health.  The “morning reflection” isn’t always so hot.   I have not been to a doctor for some time. I have learned to live with the pain I have and not get too pouty about the small stuff.  Recently, I have begun to list a bit to my left.  My only Nautical reference.  No worries! I’ll just use my Air Horn app to move others out of my way.  They really do have an App for everything don’t they.

Last year, I dragged my butt to an Urgent Care walk in clinic (tehehe) when I had a Bronchial Infection. They said to me, YUP! You have a Bronchial Infection. Gave me a script that cost $65 and said, very nicely, that will be $180 for today. All in the course of 10 minutes. Excluding time spent in the ever so lovely storage area.  I mean waiting room. (Helpful Hint: do not touch the magazines. You may find it necessary to return in a few days) Don’t get me wrong. The place has its perks. Free Tissue. Albeit scratchy. A single pen for completing crossword puzzles. Dealing with the chain and the fact that it is attached to the clipboard is a nuisance!   Getting to know the germy guy next to you. Priceless!   I must say, they were very busy. Lots of us sick folk in that waiting room. Funny! I did not see a revolving door, yet…  eerily I sensed its presence.

Looks like I am down to these choices.

  • A Nap
  • More Chocolate
  • Keep praying that I will get through to my Medicare years with only minor bumps in the road and on my body.
  • Move in with one of my children. Oh, hell no!
  • Take on a 3rd job to purchase insurance.   I rarely sleep as it is!
  • Find a nice gentleman that can help support both of us. Not likely. Men my age like cute 30 yr olds.
  • Damn it all!
  • Drink the correct amount of coffee each day. Not exactly sure of the correct amount. 6 too many?  3 not enough?
  • No soda. Tons of veggies. Quit the dessert.    Damn it!
  • Watch every Hallmark Movie. I love Hallmark movies.
  • Laugh a Lot!
  1. Perhaps, someone could find a way to allow businesses to provide healthcare benefits to their employees. Makes you just want to slap your head, huh?   Who would have thunk!  Full time or part-time employees getting benefits.  Whoa! I’m getting crazy here. Really, why is that such a difficult thing?   Not everything has to be a bureaucratic nightmare.
  2. A personal bailout!
  3. Discover a path to provide healthcare for people trapped and forgotten in a No Man’s Land of eligibility.  You know…the tiny cracks that people fall into all the time.  Again,  they can’t possibly be that small with so many of us in there.  Oh… wait.  “Others” (those nameless people we blame for everything) are far too busy observing failed/bailed out, doomed to fail again banks while still giving massive bonuses to their employees. Actually, I have no idea why simpler plans cannot be enlisted.

I loyally work long hours, believe in God, love my family, pay my taxes (more than the top 9% as I hear it) and make an attempt to be an upstanding citizen. Course with no healthcare I may not be standing up much longer.

Cafe Today | 65 Local Students Suspended for Riding Bikes to School

Kenowa Hills Principle  Suspends 65 students from school!

Do these kids look dangerous or disruptive? ~  Photo Courtesy of WZZM TV

I know! My first thought was “What type of senior day shenanigans is this?”

Well, here is the story on these crazy senior student hooligans!

“The seniors were sent home Tuesday morning after they arrived at the school — a day when the graduating students traditionally get to make their final “walk” through the halls of Kenowa Hills High School.”  The time to say good-bye to all the teachers and staff.   The reason, riding bikes to school.

“The students had arranged their bicycle procession, which featured Walker ( Michigan) Police and the city’s mayor as escorts. Mayor Rob VerHeulen even brought doughnuts for the seniors.  Awe!

“I got the idea talking to one of my teachers,” said senior class president Zac Totten. “We ended up getting about 80 kids riding bikes to school.”

When the students pedaled into the high school parking lot they were met by principle Katie Pennington. She suspended the seniors, saying they violated warnings against pranks on their last day. May 22, 2012 was not a good day to be a senior at Kenowa Hills.  But!  But, what about getting more exercise?  A cardio plan ?  Fresh Air?  Graduating?

“We have defined it as a prank all along,” said Principle Katie Pennington. “They wouldn’t be tolerated and there would be consequences.”    Hey!  Did you not remember that the Mayor even brought donuts?  The police escorted the kids to school.  Prank, violation or a dangerous act?  What?

So what should have been a happy day for the Kenowa Hills senior students ended with enough criticism to invoke feelings of  “Oh my God!”  “Are we going to graduate?”   “What are we to do now?”    And so on.

Did the principle over react?  Of course she did.  Once parents, students and area residents viewed the video of the principle being  interviewed on local channel 13, WZZM TV, the phone calls began and a meeting was immediately planned.  The principle’s bit of arrogance showed through.  Principle Katie Pennington was in charge.  Well, she and the superintendent, whose son just happened to be one of those suspended seniors.   Hmmm!   All righty then!  She admits to over reacting to what she deemed a PRANK.   Bike riding a prank?  Does Webster know of this description?    Wikipedia?  The principle issued a statement saying she was informed of the seniors plan of riding bikes to school that day.  I considered it a Prank from the beginning and felt it was against policy and very disruptive, she stated to the news correspondent.  (Well, honey do not ever move to a retirement community where all those rowdy residents ride bikes and golf carts all day long!  You will find out what disruptive really means! :0)

Protests were held that evening with parents expressing deep feelings of  hurt, pain and generally expressed,  What was she thinking!  The principle did admit she over reacted and re-considered her actions.  No doubt!

Protesting Suspension ~ Photo Courtesy WZZM TV-13

” It wasn’t exactly an apology but, upon further review, administrators in Kenowa Hills Public Schools will not give any further punishment to dozens of graduating seniors who rode their bikes to school for the last day of classes.  In fact, the school administrators appear to be making amends for their initial reaction to Tuesday senior class “prank.”   The powers that be came to collective decision that the problem was not the students, it was the adults.  At Last!  An intelligent statement.

Way to Go Kenowa Hills!  Don’t expect the students to be kissing your feet in appreciation for the ‘right to graduate’ reprieve.

A few decades ago, the class helped disassemble a car from shop class and reassemble the car on the roof of the school.   We were so filled with pride and accomplishment.    Brings on a tear.   Sniff!   Ah!    Good Times!

To read more on the incident follow the link:

Cafe Today | Holy Crap! The Food Police Really Exist!

Anne Thornton Season Two Sweet Treats

Anne Thorton host of "Dessert First" courtesy Food Network

Tis True!  Santa, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy and The Food Police are real.   You can’t make this up.

Expert pastry chef, Anne Thornton shares indulgent recipes for tantalizing treats on her “In the Kitchen”

Food Network cooking series, Dessert First With Anne Thornton.

       Not any more.  Who knew that a criminal lurked behind that great smile.

~ | ~

Sources tell the New York Post that Anne Thornton, host of “Dessert First,” was fired when execs discovered similarities between her recipes and those of Martha Stewart and “Barefoot Contessa” Ina Garten.

“The network was very concerned because many of her recipes were close — with only a few minor edits — to other chefs’ recipes,” an unnamed source told the Post, adding, “The network discovered the similarities during the second season of the show.”

~ | ~

        Holy Crap!   The FOOD POLICE  really exist.    There may be people knocking at your door soon.  You see, no one, but no one can plagiarise Ina Garten or Martha Stewart and walk away unscathed.    So home cooks beware!  Passing off Martha’s Chocolate Cake recipe as your own may be a crime.   Now really, how many times can you make Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Chip Cookies and be original?   As Anne Thorton said,  “There are only so many ways to make Lemon Bars.”   Amen Sister!   So be careful making any recipe from Grandma’s Recipe Box.  She probably copied it from her neighbor.

Fleur de Sel Chocolate Chip Blondies courtesy Food Network

         I now envision the Food Police screeching to a halt at my driveway, flashing a badge for mispronouncing the word Spaghetti.  Not using  the proper accent is a crime to mankind.

        Is this getting a bit ridiculous?    I added Orange Juice to my scratch Lemon Cake Recipe and I passed it off as my own.  So there Food Police.    Bring it on!

~ | ~

Here is a link to the MSNBC article

Recipe for the Chocolate Chip Blondies:  follow link,1946,FOOD_9936_549039_RECIPE-PRINT-FULL-PAGE-FORMATTER,00.html

Cafe Today | Thought We Could Use Some Eye Candy Before The Holidays

Ryan Gosling via MUNAWAR HOSAIN/StarTraks

Hopefully I have found a little something for everyone.  Take a moment and just enjoy!

 My choices were made not from any of my prior lists.  Well, maybe only 1 or 2.    Ryan Gosling is really quite appealing to a number of girls and most important, women.  Don’t you think?  He does seem to like the really, really skinny leg pants and jeans.  In turn, it makes his feet look the size of an aircraft carrier.  Just saying.!

: | :

Chris Hemsworth via Universal Studios

Now Chris Hemsworth is sooo well worth a long lingering stare. Get those stars out of your eyes girls!   My turn!   Words are difficult.  Staring gets in the way.  Casting Chris as Thor was truly a gift from the movie Gods.   And many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Hemsworth.

: | :

Robert Downey, Jr via Warner Bros Pictures

One gentleman who has become better looking over the decades.  IronMan or Sherlock Holmes?  Hmm!  Both.   A girl should not have to make a choice such as that.  I love a fast talking, witty intelligent man.   When he happens to be great looking.    Just say thank you.   And, Robert is to be a father for the second time. Congrats, man!

: | :

Zac Efron via GF Bauer Griffin

And, here comes our little Zac.  He’s all grown up now!  Woo! Woo!  He can dance in my driveway any day.     It would give my garage door some class.   He can be seen in the movie  ‘ New Year’s Eve ‘ coming December 9th.  You can shop later.  Go see our little Zac.

: | :

Brian Kodjoe via ABC


Now here we have Brian Kodjoe who happens to have been, unfortunately in the NBC series  ‘ Under Covers ‘   last year.  NBC in it’s infinite wisdom did not give it much of a chance.   Or even a re-write.  Who cares!  Pretty is as pretty does.  Brian is now signed on to ABC’ new series  ‘Georgetown’.  Of course it is about young staffers on Capitol Hill.

: | :

Jude Law via Corel Painter Magazine/Cat Bounds

And just  because I can.  Ta Da!   Jude Law  in painted format courtesy of Corel Painter. Makes one want to subscribe ASAP!  Or, better idea.  A very, very large print should hang in my hallway.  That way, as I walk by, I can linger as long as I wish.  After all, one should dust the hallway numerous times each day. Don’t you think?

So, just a few moments of stress free eyeball candy.  No need to worry.  I have your back.  Go ahead….look all you want.

Cafe Today | Once Upon a Fairy Tale – Three Snow White Movies

nce Upon a time……..

There were two brothers named   Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm and Wilhelm Karl Grimm    born on 4 January 1785 and 24 February 1786 respectively, in the Wolfgang section of Hanau, Germany.   Jump ahead a number of years and the brothers decide to write stories of local folklore.  They travel a great deal, listening to tall tales, interesting lore and maybe not so interesting stories that had been passed down through many generations.  Certainly most were embellished, changed, made up, amended to the point at which stories became an amalgam of many others as memories fail and time passes.

~ | ~

Fast forward to 1934 California, USA.  The Walt Disney Studios on Hyperion Ave,  in the Silver Lake District of Los Angeles is starting a new phase.  Walt Disney is planning to make a feature-length animated movie based on a little story from the Brothers Grimm.  The movie shall be titled,  ” Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”  A huge production, fully animated at tremendous cost.  Each and every frame being hand painted.  No digital anything.  Nada on the computer as well.   The animated movie went into production in 1934 and was completed in 1937. Whew!  It was a very bumpy road for the production.  Walt was urged to stop production as the cost was over $1 million dollars.  Walt persevered and the final cost was just under $1.5 million dollars.   Thank goodness Walt knew he had a good thing.   The movie was a huge success.  The animation was beautiful.  The characters lovable.   The music memorable.  A beloved Classic was born!

File:Snow White 1937 poster.jpg

Original Snow White Movie Poster 1937 via Walt Disney Studios

~ | ~

What a difference 75 years makes.  This original Theatrical Poster is amazing.  The artwork just incredible.   The new Snow White and the Huntsman movie banner is really cool.  Sinister, but cool!  Kind of a… Alfred Hitchcock, Lord of the Rings feel to the poster, huh?   The Snow White movies in production as we speak,  are a version of the original Bothers Grimm Fairy Tales.  Part fantasy, darkly grim, battle rich versions of the tale.   Someone had said recently  ” A Lord of the Rings take on Snow White.”  With enormous production budgets, how could they not be spectacular.  Based on information and sound bites from interviews, Snow White and the Huntsman will remain as true as possible to the tale of old.  Hence the poster.   Oh, all right!  I will have to watch all of them.   Hmm, ah…ah… just so I can make an intelligent decision as to which movie is best.   Research.  That’s right!  Yeah!  Research.

~ | ~

I appreciate how Walt Disney really toned down his version from the original Grimm’s tale.  Thank you Walt!   Walt and the animators, mainly if not exclusively male, did make the step mother quite evil.   I am sure it was a payback of a sort to certain women they knew.  Snow and Huntsman is definitely not that sweet little movie a 5 year old will love.

I make the comparisons…well…. you cannot really compare them!

~ | ~

Fairytale Round-Up Snow White and the Huntsman Oz the Great and Powerful and Mirror Mirror

Movie Banner Snow White and The Huntsman ^ Universal Studios

~ | ~

Snow White and the Huntsman Possible Official Poster ^ Universal Studios

This is the Poster I think will become the “OFFICIAL MOVIE POSTER”.  Yup!  It does resemble Lord of the Rings!

~ | ~


oving on…

 I do have news that The Walt Disney Studios are also in pre production for their live action movie of Snow White.  Really?  My word!  At this rate we could end up with 5,  no 6 Snow White movies.  Who Knew!   Details to come forthwith.  Oh, man!  I will have to spend the next year and half at the movies.  Yeah, like that would be different.

~ | ~

Tracing Calligraphy Letters




ust  in case you missed it.  That OTHER Snow White movie from Relativity Studios, starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts finally has a name.  It’s about time people!   It is to be titled   “MIRROR, MIRROR”.   Makes sense.  Yet why not Snow White something or other?   Can you believe this  movie production could not use the name Snow White .  What?   Really!!   The director wanted to simply call it   “SNOW” after the lead character.     Apparently there were some legal hassles,  involving the other Snow White/ Huntsman movie.  The studio and director caved.  I guess they should have worked that out earlier! At any rate, be it known that  MIRROR, MIRROR  will be a family friendly flick.  The director Singh claims he had no intentions to  make it anything else.  Many critics and bloggers are making jokes about the so called “Kiddie Flick”.  Yeah! So!   Oh, just stop it!    So there. Go pick on someone else.  Look for it in March 2012.

~ | ~

No official Poster or Banner has been released yet for this movie.   I can only imagine it will be full of color and very appealing.  I like this concept art poster myself.  Now that a name has been bestowed upon the movie, the posters cannot be  far behind.  Well,  enough of fairy tales.  Time to return to the real world and real life.  I wonder what Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber are doing?

             Oooo!    The movie is  starting.   I’ll have a popcorn and a soda please!!

Cafe Today | Justin Bieber is a Baby Daddy! Wait a Minute, What?

Somebody to Love (Justin Bieber song)

Image via Wikipedia

Justin Bieber‘s is experiencing  many changes in his life.   Most notable being his voice is changing.  Recently, Justin’s voice is sounding a bit lower and more masculine.  Yeah, Baby!   That apparently means no more girlish shrills when belting out one of those Bieber classics.  That’s not all that is changing.  Our little Biebs is growing up.  Sniff! Sniff!  Tissue please.  It seems like only yesterday…. that he was banging on that little drum set in his parents living room.   Mom proudly recording every bang on the drums for the Bieber family album.  Now he is accused of banging some crazy woman in a nasty arena bathroom.  Full body shiver on that one.  Yuck!!   Just Nasty.  Now she had a baby and said our little Biebs is the baby daddy.

Wait a minute.  What?

A Baby Daddy?     What? Who? How?  No, No, No!  No!  Well!   This news could darn well send a groupie into a coma.  I broke a nail.

 Oh, the week I am having.   I am still grieving over Kim K’s Fake Breakup.  I mean Kim K’s pending divorce.  What is going on with the Republican Party?  I have no more mental health days left.  No vacation time….     I…, I just cannot deal.     

At first I laughed at the news.  People have waaay too much time on their hands.  Then it became a monster story.  Far too serious.  People are believing this stuff?   After all he is a celeb and you know how they are.  Jeez!  He is not Mick Jagger!!  C’mon people.

Oh and pity poor Selena.  She has her plate full.  I can only imagine the crappy questions she is being asked?   Not to mention, she has to listen to all this crapola dished by every stinking media outlet in the world.   No, wait.  WE ALL HAVE TO LISTEN TO ALL THAT STINKING GARBAGE, CRAPOLA OR JUST PLAIN MUD SLINGING.

Hard to believe this is  so-called “News Reporting?”   Aren’t you appalled?  The discussion for every on-air news outlet goes something like this.   “A woman  has alleged that her baby was fathered by Justin Bieber.  The woman who happens to be older than the Biebs, who is now 17, said they had a 30 second sexual encounter in a bathroom stall after a concert over a year ago.   Justin has denied these rumors.  I am sure taking a paternity test will resolve the issue.  We look forward to the results.   We will keep you posted.   Also, it could just go against that very same woman who had accused Justin, as she is older at 20 yrs  and could be arrested on rape charges.”   Blah, Blah!  On the TODAY Show Friday, Matt Lauer questioned Justin face to face.   Very seriously, Matt Lauer looks down at Justin –Something akin to a disappointed father ready to wield some kind of punishment–and asked….Are you the father?  Do you know this woman?  Have you met her before? ….  and so on.  Like I said.  Can you believe this crap?  

I am not really a fan of Justin’s.  I am not 14.   Michael Buble is more my style.  No snickering.  I like rock as well.  My cell ringtone is Van Halen.  So there!    I can have fun at his expense.  Never, ever would I say things that were that hurtful and/or damaging.  It appalls me when people do.  This is a young person who does not deserve this.  I cannot imagine what he and his family is going though.  Obviously this woman making the allegations is mentally unstable or selfishly stupid enough to want her 15  minutes of fame at a young man’s expense.   She opened that Pandora’s Box.  Unfortunately, everyone will suffer the consequences.


I have the news on as I get ready for my day.   This Bieber Story is all over the news…everywhere.  Just ruins my work week.  The news is basically playing into this crazy woman’s plot to destroy this young man’s career.  All the while gaining boat loads of attention for herself.  All of us know this is what happens when you say crazy things.  But, the  News Media Motto is:  Sling the accusations, Talk it to death whether it makes sense or not.  Talk it to death whether it is real or not.    Then they will say we are just reporters of the news.  SUCH   BS!  Even my local news channel did exactly the same thing.  Just recycled the same words..,,same crapola.  Even today the latest sound bite was…Selena breaks it off with Justin after reports of fathering a child.   You guys are just creeps!!  

This weekend, Justin went to Ireland for the MTV Awards.  Could not escape the Crapola there either.  Bieber’s Camp had to ban questions about these awful accusations as the media began  Demanding That Justin Take A Paternity Test.  Who the hell are they to say such things?  Are we forgetting how young this person is?   Listen, not every 17 yr old is like that.

This is just some crazy witch wanting her 15 minutes and some money because she is too darn lazy to get a job.  Crazy and Lazy.   Great!   Shame on every news media that reports this stuff. Then continues as if it is fact.  This has happened too many times to celebs or even just run of the mill rich people.  That is why lawyers intervene and pay off those crazy people.  Because the news keeps it going and going and going.

SHAME ON YOU!    SHAME ON YOU NEWS PEOPLE.  I understand when the celebrities get really angry at the media.  They are devils with microphones.  (insert the wickedly devilish laugh here)  Piranhas with cameras!  

Today Show anchor Matt Lauer.

Image via Wikipedia



So!    How was your week?

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Cafe Today | Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Say It Isn’t So!

Kim Kardashian at the Seventh Annual Hollywood...

Image via Wikipedia

I have been sobbing uncontrollably for days now.  The media keeps saying Kim and Kris are splitting up.  Today, Kim K. filed for divorce.   Oh, my !  I had thought this beautiful woman would have the love of her life forever.    Forever!   I cannot believe fate could be so cruel.  Kris Humphries is so perfect for her.  Don’t you think so?     I watched with such emotional anticipation the planning, the rehearsal, the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen.  Her wedding dress was divine.  Now this.  Kris, you must be some kind of sick person or fool to not put her on that pedestal and worship her.   To not give her the love she deserves and devote yourself to her is abominable.  

NBA lockout outlasts Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian’s

wedded bliss”~ LA Times

       Is that supposed to be funny Mr. LA Times?   Well, you are just bastards one and all.  And, for the NBA.   Stop the lock-out and put the players back on the court if that is what it takes to salvage some part of this marriage.   Saving a marriage is worth far more than those stupid negotiations.  So stupid. So selfish, NBA!  

Kris Humphries playing for the Jazz against th...

Kris Humphries Image via Wikipedia

Today I put in my notice for 4 mental health days.  I cannot work under these conditions.  It is far too upsetting to be at work listening to my silly co-workers.   They do not care.   I am heart broken.  I just could not take any more insipid comments  from them any longer.  Normally I can listen to my work pals and be OK with whatever they had to say.  I cannot today or the rest of the week.  In addition to that, pile on the couples who come in for help in their attempts to save the family home. They go on and on about not being able to make their mortgage payments and are terrified they could become homeless.   Putting food on the table and clothes for the kids.  Oh, boo hoo!    Well, maybe if you worked as hard as Kim K. did, you wouldn’t be in that predicament.   Oh, yeah!   Kim put herself out there and made a very good living.   She did not ask for anything!  She became so famous, that people run to her to give her more  and more.  See!  That is how it is done.  Believe me, working 2 and 3 jobs is not the answer honey!   Could everyone please get with the program and see what is happening.    This woman’s marriage is in trouble.  Everyone needs to pay attention.    

Tonight on the news, they keep speaking of the wedding gifts.  Oh, more cruel words.  Stop.  Just Stop.  Enough already!  Kim has all those lovely gifts that were for her and her husband to have forever.  All given with love and much thoughtfulness.  Do you not see it? They must work it out.  They have to.

For the love of God, they have to.   

Cafe Today | Iraq Troops Home For The Holidays

“Today I can say that troops in Iraq will be home for the holidays.”

President Barack Obama TODAY declared an end to the Iraq war, one of the longest and most divisive conflicts in U.S. history, announcing that all U.S. troops would be withdrawn from the country by year’s end.

“As promised the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home by the end of the year. After nearly nine years, America’s war in Iraq will be over,” Obama said.

Image: U.S. soldiers take a rest in the shade of armoured vehicles at Camp Liberty in Baghdad
courtesy Mohammed Ameen  /  Reuters
U.S. soldiers take a rest in the shade of armoured vehicles at a courtyard at Camp Liberty in Baghdad. U.S troops are scheduled to pull out of the country by the end of this year, according to President Barack Obama.

The president made the announcement at a White House briefing following a private video conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Obama said the two were in full agreement about how to move forward.

The withdrawal of American troops marks a major milestone in the war that started in 2003 and resulted in the removal of Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq. More than 4,400 American military members have been killed, and another 2,000 wounded since the U.S. invasion.

“Over the next two months, our troops in Iraq, tens of thousands of them, will pack up their gear and board convoys for the journey home,” Obama said.     via  Associated Press


Cafe Today | It’s Time Again for Splat The Cat!

Scaredy-Cat Splat by Rob Scotton courtesy Harper Collins

Scaredy-Cat, Splat!     by Rob Scotton

It’s that time again.

 It’s Halloween, and….” Splat is determined to be the scariest cat in the class. Unfortunately he’s just too much of a scaredy-cat. He’s afraid of a little spider, and everyone says his costume looks more silly than scary.  And when Mrs. Wimpydimple tells a ghost story in the dark, Splat gets so frightened that he tips over his jack-o’-lantern. But when the lights go back on, the entire class is scared silly by a small, black, furry creature with a big pumpkin head. Whooooo can it be?”

There are more books featuring Splat and his latest adventure.  Check out the selection of books at your local library or shop at your favorite book seller.   

It’s obvious that Splat is a Lefty!  I think that is just so cool.    You see my cat, Milly is a South-Paw.  So I am a bit partial. Just so you know.

Splat is found in a total of 17 books.   You can check out all the titles at Harper Collins Publishers.  Here is the link. 

Or, visit Amazon, Barnes and Noble.  Or, Other fine book sellers.   Where ever you go to find Splat, he will be waiting just for you. 

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Snow White & her Dwarves via Entertainment Weekly

Armie Hammer as Prince Andrew Alcott via Relativity Studios/Just Jared

Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen via Relativity Studios/Just Jared

Would someone please give this movie a name!

It’s an orphan of sorts, right?  Poor Snow White!  The movie starring Lily Collins, Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer continues to be referred to as  “The untitled Snow White Movie” or “The yet to be titled Snow White movie.”  C’mon studio people, give this project a name! 

Wait a minute.  You can do it!   Yes!  Let’s help out those busy studio moguls and you  can name this movie.  Go on, think of a name appropriate for this movie.   The photos from my blog may give you some inspiration.  Since the studio cannot do it, you do it for them!  Post your name in the comments section.   I know you will be Brilliant.

Use that Beautiful Mind. 

Have Fun!