Cafe Conversations | Feel Good Fridays……Do I Dare Add “Fillers” to My Meatloaf

Meatloaf!  It’s what’s for dinner tonight.


No!     Not.. that .. Meatloaf.   

                        This Meatloaf Silly!                     


       It is definitely a day for Meatloaf.  Yeah, good old comfort food man!  Snow, Cold, Crummy and I am not leaving the house! Oh, crap! I  have a hair appt.  Well, I will  survive.  And,    Won’t I look especially well coiffed while assembling my meatloaf!
+ – +

         What!   The morning news is reporting…. Taco Bell is being sued for not using enough meat in their meat tacos and burritos.  Say it isn’t so?     The Montgomery Alabama law firm  Beasley Allen,  claims the beef mixture that Taco Bell uses is a concoction containing unlisted additional fillers.  Such as oat, wheat and soy products.  The suit also claims that the bulk of the meat product is filler with only 35% meat.  Shocking  News!?

Taco Bell Nachos

        Ya, know, I’m thinking,  what do we really expect for 89 cents?  And, this company employs  the local young folk.  ie:  local teens.   If you like Taco Bell, you probably do not have a problem with the meat issue.  If you want tenderloin for your 89 cents, you live in an alternate reality.  When it is   2 am  and you need food after drinks with friends, it is darn tasty.

        So, now back to my Meatloaf?  Well hell!  Now I am really worried.  I use oatmeal or bread in my extra tasty Meatloaf recipe as well as my Spicy Meatballs.  What am I to do?   I have always added filler to my meatloaf.  You too, right?      Even according to Mario Batali, one  must have almost equal amounts of bread (or something) to meat.  I am not of that opinion!   So Mario prefers 50/50 mixture.  So, just maybe, Mario needs to hideout as well until this all blows over!  They may be after him next!

           I’m risking it!    I am forging ahead with home made bread crumbs.  Damn the Lawyers!   Full steam ahead mateys!!    Here’s the plan!  

        Turn off the lights…draw the curtains….be very, very quiet and wear my ” no one will recognize me disguise.”   No one will ever know.


My Disguise via ro500


                WHAT WAS THAT?   Did you hear it?       Shhhhh!………I think the “Filler Police Are Here!”
***Photos courtesy Good Housekeeping