Barb’s Cafe Today | A Moment for Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger    via ET Online

Heath Ledger           via ET Online

Heath Ledger – passed away 5 Years ago January 22, 2008. 

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My trip to the movies is not to be.  Nor has it been for some time.  A damaged knee has curtailed many an outing for me these past months.  I have yet to see any Oscar Nominated movie.  Bummer!  I know!  Since my coffee stop indulgence has been curtailed as well, I have been roaming through Facebook and Twitter to maintain my ‘what’s new with you’ conversations.  So while enjoying my go to coffee drink of choice – Green Mountain Breakfast Blend – I was catching up on happenings when I ran smack dab into Heath.  I stopped. Then realized I needed a moment.

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Sipped on my drink while it was still steaming and contemplated Heath Ledger.  Has it been 5 years! Usually I remember these things. I am getting up there in years you know,  but not that ‘up there’!   It was while watching the movie ‘10 Things I Hate About You‘ that Heath Ledger will forever be endeared to me.   

Heath Ledger & Julia Stiles   via Amazon

Heath Ledger & Julia Stiles via Amazon

I enjoyed the movie and his performance very much.  I kept saying “who is this guy”?  When I watched dramatic moments and even the silly ones, I knew there was that ‘something’ surrounding him.  Talented, really good-looking and playful.  The plus being he was an Aussie.  Yeah!  The accent is hard to resist. 

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I remember girls just buzzing about him.  He was on fire.  His 2000 performance in ‘The Patriot‘,   the revolutionary saga as Mel Gibson’s son Gabriel, was a glimpse into his future in movies.  Heath shined in that role.  And, yes we all cried when he was died.  

Heath Ledger ‘The Patriot’ via tumblr

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Lastly, Heath Ledger deserved the Oscar for his portrayal of  Joker in ‘The Dark Knight‘ which he received posthumously.  Sometimes even we staunch movie lovers can forget Academy Award winners .  The Joker was portrayed with such ease of evilness, it became very real on the screen.  It was said that it took much from him to get in touch with that character.  I wonder if it was worth losing a part of one’s self to achieve that performance level?  No judgement.  Just thoughts.  That was the one and only time I have ever seen the movie.

I think back on what might have been.  Contemplation only brings more questions, however.  To what heights of stardom would his acting career have reached?  Would he have settled down as a family man?  Perhaps he would become a director – another Ben Affleck?  Who would he really become?  I think he could have achieved much.  He definitely had that potential.  I for one, am very pleased you were here.   

In his last days, he was alone and ill until his death.  No one should ever be that alone.  The question that remains is………where was the someone to truly care for him?   The someone extending hope and compassion when the moments of hopelessness came calling?