Cafe Today | Wisdom of the Healthcare Law – A Box of Chocolates?

Can someone PLEASE explain the Healthcare Law to me?  I’m confused.  Snicker if you must.  I have questions.  Where is the wisdom in this law?

So, the healthcare law is coverage for everyone.  Howdy do dah day!

Wait!  Except for people who cannot afford to purchase private insurance.  And, people who are not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid coverage. What?  So there are many limitations?   Then there are those who will be “taxed” for NOT having insurance. I believe the President clearly said  “This is not a tax”.  We penalize those who least can afford to purchase insurance? Really? Do they get a side of witty sarcasm with that tax entrée?

Assorted Chocolates

Fannie May Assorted Chocolates courtesy   Of course I purchased a box.   Duh!   Sorry, no wisdom.

Forest Gump was right.  “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get”.  Did I just quote Forest again.  Help me!

Tell me again why we have a healthcare plan that will cover everyone but doesn’t? So, we really don’t  have a healthcare plan for all? I’m confused again. No surprise.  If this healthcare plan is so straight forward, why is it so complicated?  No 2 people appear to agree with the language of the law.  Pass the chocolate!

OK!  Working through the chocolates.   If you are passed middle age….I mean way down the road beyond  the curve of middle age…you are now in danger of falling  into the infamous “crack”.   Lots of cracks in the system as we are learning.  How many times have we heard that?  You wouldn’t think it could possibly be that hard to find people down there, when it is so darn crowded.

Photo of the “cracks we fall into”……coming soon to this space. I have to get out first!

Oops!  I fell into the crack!    (I don’t know how to spell the sound of a deep sigh so, just sigh amongst yourselves.)  I personally cannot afford to purchase healthcare. It would cost me about $800  a month for a policy with a ginormous deductible and major out of my pocket-book expenses.   I know.  I have looked for coverage. (Sucks being older.  BB King said it best….The  Thrill is Gone!)   Therefore, placing me in the working poor category.  For those who do not know what that is, my congrats.  It  means my only choices are paying for insurance or a place to live.  Being too young for Medicare and  too old for braces, working 2 part-time jobs with no benefits what so ever, just puts me  over the $ amount for any type of qualification.  Luckily, I am not on any medications.   ………. Not for the lack of someone screaming I should be!

Honestly, I do not know the status of my health.  The “morning reflection” isn’t always so hot.   I have not been to a doctor for some time. I have learned to live with the pain I have and not get too pouty about the small stuff.  Recently, I have begun to list a bit to my left.  My only Nautical reference.  No worries! I’ll just use my Air Horn app to move others out of my way.  They really do have an App for everything don’t they.

Last year, I dragged my butt to an Urgent Care walk in clinic (tehehe) when I had a Bronchial Infection. They said to me, YUP! You have a Bronchial Infection. Gave me a script that cost $65 and said, very nicely, that will be $180 for today. All in the course of 10 minutes. Excluding time spent in the ever so lovely storage area.  I mean waiting room. (Helpful Hint: do not touch the magazines. You may find it necessary to return in a few days) Don’t get me wrong. The place has its perks. Free Tissue. Albeit scratchy. A single pen for completing crossword puzzles. Dealing with the chain and the fact that it is attached to the clipboard is a nuisance!   Getting to know the germy guy next to you. Priceless!   I must say, they were very busy. Lots of us sick folk in that waiting room. Funny! I did not see a revolving door, yet…  eerily I sensed its presence.

Looks like I am down to these choices.

  • A Nap
  • More Chocolate
  • Keep praying that I will get through to my Medicare years with only minor bumps in the road and on my body.
  • Move in with one of my children. Oh, hell no!
  • Take on a 3rd job to purchase insurance.   I rarely sleep as it is!
  • Find a nice gentleman that can help support both of us. Not likely. Men my age like cute 30 yr olds.
  • Damn it all!
  • Drink the correct amount of coffee each day. Not exactly sure of the correct amount. 6 too many?  3 not enough?
  • No soda. Tons of veggies. Quit the dessert.    Damn it!
  • Watch every Hallmark Movie. I love Hallmark movies.
  • Laugh a Lot!
  1. Perhaps, someone could find a way to allow businesses to provide healthcare benefits to their employees. Makes you just want to slap your head, huh?   Who would have thunk!  Full time or part-time employees getting benefits.  Whoa! I’m getting crazy here. Really, why is that such a difficult thing?   Not everything has to be a bureaucratic nightmare.
  2. A personal bailout!
  3. Discover a path to provide healthcare for people trapped and forgotten in a No Man’s Land of eligibility.  You know…the tiny cracks that people fall into all the time.  Again,  they can’t possibly be that small with so many of us in there.  Oh… wait.  “Others” (those nameless people we blame for everything) are far too busy observing failed/bailed out, doomed to fail again banks while still giving massive bonuses to their employees. Actually, I have no idea why simpler plans cannot be enlisted.

I loyally work long hours, believe in God, love my family, pay my taxes (more than the top 9% as I hear it) and make an attempt to be an upstanding citizen. Course with no healthcare I may not be standing up much longer.

Cafe Today | Ever Wonder Why Cupid Uses An Arrow?

Smitten with Cupid’s Arrows

 Have you ever give any thought to Cupid?  Why is he flying around aiming arrows at everyone?  Who gave him this power?  Why does he use an arrow?  Does love really look as bad as this poor guy? There are many questions.

Let’s just get down to it.  

Q:   Who is Cupid and who designs his clothes.  Just who gave him the bow and arrow? 

         A:   Sears men’s collection for the ensemble.  Rugged yet tough wearing pants.  Everyday shirt goes well with anything in his wardrobe.  Bow and Arrow from Cabellas.  Arrow sparkle and bling accessories by Joan Rivers.  Wings by Victoria Secret ‘wanna bees’.

 Q:  Is he really a sweet little cherub, an angelic being flying around bouncing off the clouds or is he something more? 

         A:  Number one, sweet cherubic beings are not allowed to have  bows and arrows.  It’s in the Cherub rule book.  Oh, yeah, he is something else though!  Did you not see the picture?

Q:   So where did he come from? 

          A:   Long story.  Thousands of years ago – BVG – before video games – people became bored and lonely hanging out at the local watering hole. Literally a watering hole.   Too many Camels, Scorpions and Sand.   Lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen, not so much.  One night, a bored and lonely goat herder by the name of Cupidamius visited the local watering hot spot and decided he needed to shake things up.  He knew in that instant he had the greatest idea ever for his loneliness.   He wanted a way to meet girls. Instead of just passing other goat herder families on their way to the local watering  hole.  He knew he must find a way to meet women and fall in love.  He wanted the fairy tale you see.  “And they lived happily ever after” stuff.   He was ahead of his time. Cupidamius grabbed his Bow and Quiver. (Apparently it magically appeared??)  Filled it with arrows.  Voila!  Thus, he became “Cupidous Wingdoneon Bow-Arrowous”.   Cupid had arrived!  He journeyed forth into that good night, saw a lonely soul and started shooting.  Not to hurt anyone, silly. With cupid arrows.  Cupid discovered when he used his arrow,  for some odd reason that person fell in love with the first person they encountered.  Kinda like Midnight on a Saturday night at the local brew pub, huh!  

Desert Watering Hole courtesy National Geographic



 Q:  So is Cupid still employed or did the internet really kill him off ?   Damn you Match.Com!

           A:  Yes,, E Harmony, Plenty of Fish (Yeah, right) and others have really hurt poor Cupid.    I understand there are some Temporary Employees however!  Perhaps Cupid now looks a bit more like this:


 Meet the New Temp……. Cupid?   Really!    

              Not quite what we envision, eh!  Sort of a  Steel Worker, Longshoremen, Teamster combo.  Jobs being what they are, some have moved on to foreign clouds as it were. (Mainly over Mexico or India)  Temps have to work, right.  Economic Hard Times everywhere.   Slim pickins out there folks, so we will get over it.

Hamster Valentine …….Cupid’s Helper

             So back to my question…why does Cupid use an arrow?   Because it hurts more.  The arrow’s sharp stinging blow makes you deaf, dumb and blind.  Making it easier to fall in love.   Apparently Cupid  believes we need to be blinded by pain to fall in love.  Was he looking in the mirror when he came up with that dumb idea?  Not sure.

          I imagine he was telling us that our brain was not necessary to fall in love.  Hmm!  Interesting!   What would happen if Cupid had used a feather or a bucket of water?  Perhaps a  box of chocolates?  Now, maybe some of you would be OK with a pile of  feathers striking you, risking a mouth full of feathers, not pretty.  Or some may not mind having water dumped on them.  Well that definitely ruins and ensemble doesn’t it! The box of chocolates, ….well hell,  everybody would like those.  But, none of those will blind you to love.   Just risk a sugary high.  Yep, has to be an arrow.   Love Hurts!

Who would you want as your Cupid?   What is your perfect match?  Are you willing to settle?  Think about it.

Today i can only hope Cupid looks like this………Oh my!

Gotta Love a guy that can handle a bow & arrow......Jeremy Renner as Hansel in Hansel and Gretel

            *Oh, and  this year, do not become upset if Cupid misses you.  I understand there is a “Wing Recall”, Arrow Failures and many layoffs.    So don’t wait for the flying archer guy.  Put yourself out there and meet someone.  Be smart.  Be Safe.  Open Your Heart.   In other words……Get your butt out the door and find that someone to love.  You can do it.  Go on.  Are you still here?   Get out there!!!


photo courtesy of