Cafe Today | Missy – The Abandoned Dog will Live with Her Rescuers

In August, we all read the story  about Missy, the German Shepherd-Rottweiler mix who was injured and abandoned by her owner while on a Colorado mountaintop during a hike with her owner. The 5-year-old dog was stranded for eight days before being rescued by a group of volunteers.  No small feat by any means.  (Missy’s owner never went back to look for her.)

The rescuers wanted very much to save Missy and give her a new home.  However,now that Missy had been rescued with loving care, owner Anthony Ortolani hinted that he’d like his dog back. After a month in a kennel while her fate was debated, Ortolani agreed to give Missy to one of her rescuers as part of a plea deal, one that helps him avoid animal cruelty charges.   (ABC News)

Anthony Ortolani, 31, faced charges of animal cruelty for leaving his German shepherd/Rottweiler mix, Missy, behind on the saddle between Mount Bierstadt and Mount Evans.  He will plead guilty to a less serious violation of a local ordinance.  Discussions leading up to the plea bargain included giving up the dog.  After the  month long stay in a local kennel, everyone is confident Missy will be thrilled to rejoin her rescuers.  Perhaps more trails to explore.

We are thrilled for you Missy.     Good girl!

Cafe Conversations |Rescued from Roadside Trash, Pup Now Walks After Therapy

Once Trash, Pup Now Walks After Therapy – Orlando News Story – WESH Orlando.

WINTER PARK, Fla. — Today, Harper looks like a normal puppy, but just weeks ago she was nearly thrown away in a trash can by a breeder.

The pup’s life nearly ended on the side of the road in Seminole County, where a woman says she stopped to check out a man selling puppies for $50.

“She noticed a trash bag on the floor next to him and the bag was making noises. She asked what was in the bag and he declined to answer,” said Erica Daniel with Dolly’s Foundation, a pit bull rescue organization.

Inside that bag was Harper. The seller deemed the pit bull puppy unsellable because she could not stand. It’s called swimmer puppy syndrome. Experts say the dogs usually don’t survive.

“They stay on their chest. Their chest wall flattens out,” said hydro dog therapist Bev McCartt.
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I found this a great story of a little pup that was thrown out as trash and rescued by an earthly angel appearing at the right moment.

The puppies who are born with this condition have no value as they cannot be sold.  Unfortunately, they do not live long.  This little guy is proving what a little love and time can do for another living soul.

Click on the top link to view the WESH- TV  video report on this cute little guy!

Photo from WESH Orlando News Story – WESH Orlando