The Good, Bad and Ugly in Washington

 Is This The Republican Wild West?

      Everything west of the Mississippi in the 1800’s was Wild and Free Wheeling.  Towns became infamous for their Gunfights, Corrupt Sheriffs and Politicians. Many “self appointed” politicians behaved as though they wielded the power of Excalibur itself. Only a few territorial representatives really cared enough about the growth of this New Frontier. Many felt it was not worth a penny!  (Well, that was before Mr  Sutter found Gold.)  Many towns made their own rules based on what was needed.  Not a bad idea, just no consistency. Since communications were crude at best, no one really knew what went on in the next town until you arrived.   



        This brings me to the town of Washington D C.  You are in the same situation.  You don’t know what the town is like until you get the lay of the land.  My mind jumped to those Wild, Free Wheeling times in Wichita and Tombstone. The image was clear when I listened to our congressmen and women speak of the possible “Government Shut Down.” Odd, I thought!  Yet, not really.  Where was the Sheriff?  The Peace maker?   Like Wyatt Earp, Matt Dillon or Bat Masterson?   Who really is running this town?  I mean really, who is in charge?  Apparently, no one is. We have a President that most of us keep defending.  Well Mr. President, we are quite weary of our tasks.  Yeah, Yeah, the President came to office in a financial storm.  I saw two things clearly at that time.  He opened an umbrella and our wallets.  The umbrella protected him and those he sheltered.  Yet, immediately every hand went directly to our wallets.  Thus, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly began running our country in a way that surprised most.  Now comes the time a true hero!  Such as a Clint Eastwood.   In the Wild West, a stranger would ride into town, see the lay of the land, then set about to render justice.   I know, melodramatic yes, and you get the idea.  Although, Clint Eastwood would do the job nicely, this country needs a person to take a stand and speak up for the rights of the middle class.  


     Once again, we are faced with those newly elected officials, “the new fast draws in town”, as it were, determined to make their mark as politicians.  Oh, yeh!  Just tell the folks back home “I will  rid this country of injustice and restore the American Way!  All will be wonderful again.”  Sure!  First however, they must add their own agenda to that American Way.  Just as the newly elected Governors are making their “Mark” on this country, so too are the Congressmen and women.  All this at whose expense?   OURS!   Clarification:  The Middle Class.   Yep!  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly definitely describes our nations Capital.  As those politicians make their MARK, we struggle for jobs, have our family home lost to Financial Institutions that were given Millions by our elected Politicians.

             Back on March 6,  my post addressed the lack of humanity certain groups had displayed toward the  families at military funerals. (  One comment I received was from Tara, of  and  the wife of an active Naval Officer, stating that the Military had been informed that if this Budget Crisis was not dealt with, the military personnel would have to wait for their monthly pay.  Nice, huh?  So while Democrats and Republicans argue their crappy political rhetoric, in other words, lies, lies, and more lies, any federal employee will be furloughed and has to wait for their paycheck.  Meanwhile, all CONGRESSMAN AND WOMEN WILL CONTINUE TO RECEIVE THEIR REGULAR PAY.  IT IS A LAW.  Some have offered 2 weeks of their pay to help others.  Big Whoop!  As my kids would say. 

   This is not a free for all government no matter what your elected official wants it to be.  We have a structure.  We have laws.  We have a Constitution. Even if the Shut Down receives a last-minute SAVE, the problem still remains.  We must remind our President and our Representatives that they were elected to serve ALL the people, to do what is RIGHT, not just promote their personal agendas.  America is no longer the Wild West with hired guns with quick draws.

Shame on you  Washington DC. 


Good, Bad & the Ugly courtesy cinematique

                                                         Wyatt Earp courtesy Warner Brothers