Cafe Today | Name The New Snow White Movie.

Snow White & her Dwarves via Entertainment Weekly

Armie Hammer as Prince Andrew Alcott via Relativity Studios/Just Jared

Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen via Relativity Studios/Just Jared

Would someone please give this movie a name!

It’s an orphan of sorts, right?  Poor Snow White!  The movie starring Lily Collins, Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer continues to be referred to as  “The untitled Snow White Movie” or “The yet to be titled Snow White movie.”  C’mon studio people, give this project a name! 

Wait a minute.  You can do it!   Yes!  Let’s help out those busy studio moguls and you  can name this movie.  Go on, think of a name appropriate for this movie.   The photos from my blog may give you some inspiration.  Since the studio cannot do it, you do it for them!  Post your name in the comments section.   I know you will be Brilliant.

Use that Beautiful Mind. 

Have Fun!