Barb’s Cafe Today | How Do You Solve a Problem Like Lance Armstrong

Photo by Peter DeJonge AP via NY Times

Remember the song from ‘The Sound of Music’?  How do you solve a problem like Maria?

” How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
How do you find a word that means Maria?
A flibbertijibbet! A will-o’-the wisp! A clown! “

Well! That is what  jumped into my little brain when I looked at this photo of Lance Armstrong.

How do you solve a problem like Lance?

How do you catch a cheat and pin him down?

How do you find the word that means a cheater?

OK! So I cannot write a song.

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To begin, it is sad that we are talking about yet another cheating/doping scandal in sports again.  All this when we should be talking about ‘mmm, let’s see, anything else. Our children’s future. How to make our country safe.  Instead we are all talking, writing and watching stories about another cheating scandal that has devastated many lives.

I read many comments online about the interview and the doping, cheating scandal.  I found everyone has an opinion.  There were some that I felt were scary to me. Here are a few.  “Just another cheat. Who cares”  He didn’t lie to me so it doesn’t matter”  “Like he was the only one. The others didn’t get caught”  “Come on. Everybody does it”  “It’s not a big deal”    These comments scare me because I think  it is a big deal.  The overall impression was….I do not care. I do not want to hear or know the facts.  I have better things to do.

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gotten a call at their Michigan home from Armstrong offering to say he was sorry

Betsy & Frankie Andreu photo by Betsy Andreu

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  I am not making light in any way of the lengths to which this person went in order to cheat, deceive, lie, defraud and viciously threaten to ruin ANYONE who did not condone and help hide his years of doping/cheating conspiracy in order to win.  He bullied team mates.  He bullied anyone who questioned his actions.  The bullying escalated into threats of personal and financial ruin.  Bullying does come in all forms.  The only match for the depths of cheating is his arrogance.  He knew well, he would never be caught.  At least in his own mind he was untouchable.  Betsy Andreu was one of  the few who did speak out.  He viciously threatened her and her family.  Betsy is the wife of Lance’s former teammate Frankie Andreu.  You can find many clips online of Lance denying those allegations and attacking Betsy for speaking out. If you watch him deny and what comes out of his mouth.  You will know exactly what kind of person Lance is.

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I posted this morning:   Lance has no ability to help himself. He believes every lie he has told. He is above all this fuss over the ‘doping’ charges. If you had thought he would open up and pour out his heart….duh…, his heart became too small…. when his cheaters ego went ballistic. He is bullet proof.  As I said for years… he speaks, he lies. Stop allowing this cultural acceptance of cheating in sports or anything.

FingerTipping  commented
This is a financial fraud and should be prosecuted in the court of law and prison time should be served. This have been a racketeering scandal that has made many millions of dollars for Armstrong and his associates under full knowledge of doing so. It has taken millions of dollars away from many businesses, athletes and fans who were deceived through deceptive practice for financial gain. Stealing in any business environment where the public has been mislead and conned into believing in a brand, product, service or event where financial investment has been gained is punishable by law.

I had not considered this as racketeering  Hmm!   People are saying there was money laundering, bribes and on and on.  Even I am astonished at the depth of deception.

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A few Facebook fans were pleased he ‘poured his heart out.’  Really!  Not what I saw recently or have seen him say or do over the years. I do not think it is in him.  I would like to believe but he continues to show his true colors. The only reason he wanted to speak with Oprah is to open doors for his eventual return to cycling in a few years.  He kept referring to himself in the 3rd person.  Almost as if it were someone else making those decisions to dope and conspire.  He does refer to himself when he speaks of the wins and medals.

Speaking of a lifetime ban.  Pete Rose was handed a lifetime ban from baseball.  This was a person who loved baseball with all his being.   No, he is not perfect.  He must be tired of shaking his head when he hears the Breaking News….  Another sports scandal has come and gone with little consequence.  Pete Rose should have the lifetime ban lifted and he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Back to Lance the Vicious Defender of Many Lies:  “World Anti-Doping Agency General Director David Howman Tuesday said nothing short of a confession under oath — “not talking to a talk-show host” — could prompt a reconsideration of Armstrong’s lifetime ban from sanctioned events.”  See what I mean!  We make rules and yet allow certain people to walk around those rules.

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So, what to do about Lance Armstrong?   He broke the law. Many crimes were committed. He should be prosecuted as the law requires.   He craves fame.  Therefore, I think we should ignore him!  Never ever, interview him again.  No photo shoots.  Never Ever!  He can ride off into the sunset in deep contemplation.

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