A Sure Sign of the Apocalypse

I had always thought the signs of the Apocalypse consisted of Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Polar Ice Caps melting, Snuggies and New Republican Governors flexing their…political muscle.   Well, let me tell you. These are far more scary!  I did a full head slap when I first saw these.  Buckle up.   Tell me what you think.

1.   Breast Feeding Baby Doll with Nursing Bra.  The manufacturer states it is a nurturing tool.   Sure!  And what did you have with your side of funky mushrooms last night?


 ABC News Video.

 2.   Padded Push Up Bikini Top for 8 year olds.   Wow!  I did not know this was a problem.  Most eight year olds are busy being children.  I know when you are over 50 you may need a bit more support, but 8?   Naw!  

 Abercrombe & Fitch…What were you smoking at that party?



Padded Push Up Bikini Top for Kids


3.   #3 Was Missing in Action.  What can I say?   
4.   TLC’s  Sister Wives.  Well basically, any programming on TLC.  Isn’t it ironic that all these obnoxious programs are on what is The Learning Channel.  What do we really learn?
5.  Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

6.   Toddlers and Tiaras.    So not a fav of mine or fnkybee.
7.   Social Networks are  becoming a bit iffy at times.  I still have hope for them. Fingers are crossed.
8.  “Housewives” of whatever city.