Barb’s Cafe Today | Love to Shop? You Could Be Part of Customer Centric.

Some LOVE to Shop. Some HATE to Shop.

 We all need to shop. Shop in one form or another.  Need Alfalfa Sprouts or Zucchini.  Ran out of Alkaline Batteries or replace the Z Wave thermostat.  We are always in need of something.  Want it or need it?  Well, you must have a place to get it.  Running to the corner for a quick snack.  The weekly trip to fill the cart.  Order that ‘gotta have it’ online.  We just cannot get away from shopping for something and everything.

Where do you shop? Do you really know what type of shopper you might be?  Should Customer Centric mean anything to you?

  • Do you have a favorite store?
  • Perhaps a favorite online retailer?
  • As a customer, do you feel appreciated for your patronage?
  • What type of experiences do you have when shopping?
  • Are you a bargain hunter extraordinaire?
  • The get in-get out shopper?
  • The ‘no idea what I am doing here’ shopper? (I’ve met them)

My first choice is always, always local.  Sometimes, there are occasions I need or want an item that I will shop around for the best deal. If not available locally such as Target, Home Depot and Lowes, then the big “A” gets my business. I always have a great experience.

A few days ago, I received my daily email from Amazon describing all the great deals of the day. The email ended with this closing:
We’re Building Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company

Hmm!  I had noticed this before and not giving it a second look. My experiences with Amazon in the past year have been exceptional. This time, I thought of the complimentary close with a questioning eye.

What is Customer Centric?  Time to engage the grey matter and keyboard skills.  As Sherlock Holmes might do, I went in search of clues. Of course, I googled it. This is one version of many I discovered. This was very helpful. I am digging the visual aids here. So take it for a spin around the block, kick the tires and let me know what you think.

What Does It Mean to Be Customer Centric?

Cafe Conversations | The Law of the Garbage Truck

How to Respond to People Who Dump on You, and  How to Stop Dumping on Others.

                      This little story keeps getting around more than Lindsay Lohan  and Kim Kardashian.  I only learned later that this ” little story” was part of an actual book .  I read excerpts from this book earlier this summer and LOVED IT!   Read this small tidbit from the author, David J. Pollay’s  true life encounters and  what prompted him to write this book.  I am certainly happy he did.  You will enjoy his  wisdom that  he so  graciously shares with all of us grateful folk.  No longer will you let everyone’s “garbage”  influence your daily life.  In turn, you may want to stop dumping yours on those around you.  I highly recommend this as a gift to yourself and for anyone you care about. Even an anonymous gift to someone in dire need?   The Holidays are flying toward us, at record speed.  Only 79 days remain till christmas.  Perhaps a Nook and a copy of this book.  What a Great Gift!   Me, I like the real books, but a Nook is good!

             Excerpt:   One day I hopped in a taxi and we took off for the airport.  We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us.  My taxi driver slammed on his brakes, skidded, and missed the other car by just inches! The driver of the other car whipped his head around and started yelling at us.  My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. And I mean, he was really friendly.  So I asked, ‘Why did you just do that?  This guy almost ruined your car and sent us to the hospital!’   This is when my taxi driver taught me what I now call, ‘The Law of the Garbage Truck.’

                He explained that many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment.   As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it and sometimes they’ll dump it on you. Don’t take it personally.  Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Don’t take their garbage and spread it to other people at work, at home, or on the streetsThe bottom line is that successful people do not let garbage trucks take over their day.  Life’s too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so … Love the people who treat you right.   Pray for the ones who don’t.   Life is  10%  what you make it and 90%   how you take it!

                REVIEW:  Twenty years ago, while riding in the back of a New York City taxicab, syndicated columnist and business consultant David J. Pollay had an awakening-and he converted the lesson he learned that day into a life philosophy:   By letting other people’s “garbage”-their negativity-simply “pass by,” and not dumping garbage on others, you can become happier and more successful, both personally and professionally.  Since David published the “Law“ in his newspaper column three years ago, more than 1,000 blogs have posted it, millions more have read it, and organizations worldwide have adopted it.  And the numbers keep growing.  Translated into nearly 50 languages,  people from more than 100 countries have taken David’s “No Garbage Trucks! Pledge.”  All over the world people remember the focusing metaphor of the garbage truck for what can be achieved in life by not staking success and happiness on the behavior of others.   Powerful and easily understood, The Law of the Garbage Truck will guide and inspire readers everywhere, every day.

Great book!    Read Often!     Have a blessed, garbage-free day!

The book is available at Barnes & Noble  $11.66,  eBook  $9.59.  Here is the link, folks.