Cafe Today | Once Upon a Fairy Tale – Three Snow White Movies

nce Upon a time……..

There were two brothers named   Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm and Wilhelm Karl Grimm    born on 4 January 1785 and 24 February 1786 respectively, in the Wolfgang section of Hanau, Germany.   Jump ahead a number of years and the brothers decide to write stories of local folklore.  They travel a great deal, listening to tall tales, interesting lore and maybe not so interesting stories that had been passed down through many generations.  Certainly most were embellished, changed, made up, amended to the point at which stories became an amalgam of many others as memories fail and time passes.

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Fast forward to 1934 California, USA.  The Walt Disney Studios on Hyperion Ave,  in the Silver Lake District of Los Angeles is starting a new phase.  Walt Disney is planning to make a feature-length animated movie based on a little story from the Brothers Grimm.  The movie shall be titled,  ” Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”  A huge production, fully animated at tremendous cost.  Each and every frame being hand painted.  No digital anything.  Nada on the computer as well.   The animated movie went into production in 1934 and was completed in 1937. Whew!  It was a very bumpy road for the production.  Walt was urged to stop production as the cost was over $1 million dollars.  Walt persevered and the final cost was just under $1.5 million dollars.   Thank goodness Walt knew he had a good thing.   The movie was a huge success.  The animation was beautiful.  The characters lovable.   The music memorable.  A beloved Classic was born!

File:Snow White 1937 poster.jpg

Original Snow White Movie Poster 1937 via Walt Disney Studios

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What a difference 75 years makes.  This original Theatrical Poster is amazing.  The artwork just incredible.   The new Snow White and the Huntsman movie banner is really cool.  Sinister, but cool!  Kind of a… Alfred Hitchcock, Lord of the Rings feel to the poster, huh?   The Snow White movies in production as we speak,  are a version of the original Bothers Grimm Fairy Tales.  Part fantasy, darkly grim, battle rich versions of the tale.   Someone had said recently  ” A Lord of the Rings take on Snow White.”  With enormous production budgets, how could they not be spectacular.  Based on information and sound bites from interviews, Snow White and the Huntsman will remain as true as possible to the tale of old.  Hence the poster.   Oh, all right!  I will have to watch all of them.   Hmm, ah…ah… just so I can make an intelligent decision as to which movie is best.   Research.  That’s right!  Yeah!  Research.

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I appreciate how Walt Disney really toned down his version from the original Grimm’s tale.  Thank you Walt!   Walt and the animators, mainly if not exclusively male, did make the step mother quite evil.   I am sure it was a payback of a sort to certain women they knew.  Snow and Huntsman is definitely not that sweet little movie a 5 year old will love.

I make the comparisons…well…. you cannot really compare them!

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Fairytale Round-Up Snow White and the Huntsman Oz the Great and Powerful and Mirror Mirror

Movie Banner Snow White and The Huntsman ^ Universal Studios

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Snow White and the Huntsman Possible Official Poster ^ Universal Studios

This is the Poster I think will become the “OFFICIAL MOVIE POSTER”.  Yup!  It does resemble Lord of the Rings!

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oving on…

 I do have news that The Walt Disney Studios are also in pre production for their live action movie of Snow White.  Really?  My word!  At this rate we could end up with 5,  no 6 Snow White movies.  Who Knew!   Details to come forthwith.  Oh, man!  I will have to spend the next year and half at the movies.  Yeah, like that would be different.

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Tracing Calligraphy Letters




ust  in case you missed it.  That OTHER Snow White movie from Relativity Studios, starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts finally has a name.  It’s about time people!   It is to be titled   “MIRROR, MIRROR”.   Makes sense.  Yet why not Snow White something or other?   Can you believe this  movie production could not use the name Snow White .  What?   Really!!   The director wanted to simply call it   “SNOW” after the lead character.     Apparently there were some legal hassles,  involving the other Snow White/ Huntsman movie.  The studio and director caved.  I guess they should have worked that out earlier! At any rate, be it known that  MIRROR, MIRROR  will be a family friendly flick.  The director Singh claims he had no intentions to  make it anything else.  Many critics and bloggers are making jokes about the so called “Kiddie Flick”.  Yeah! So!   Oh, just stop it!    So there. Go pick on someone else.  Look for it in March 2012.

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No official Poster or Banner has been released yet for this movie.   I can only imagine it will be full of color and very appealing.  I like this concept art poster myself.  Now that a name has been bestowed upon the movie, the posters cannot be  far behind.  Well,  enough of fairy tales.  Time to return to the real world and real life.  I wonder what Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber are doing?

             Oooo!    The movie is  starting.   I’ll have a popcorn and a soda please!!

Cafe Today | Name The New Snow White Movie.

Snow White & her Dwarves via Entertainment Weekly

Armie Hammer as Prince Andrew Alcott via Relativity Studios/Just Jared

Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen via Relativity Studios/Just Jared

Would someone please give this movie a name!

It’s an orphan of sorts, right?  Poor Snow White!  The movie starring Lily Collins, Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer continues to be referred to as  “The untitled Snow White Movie” or “The yet to be titled Snow White movie.”  C’mon studio people, give this project a name! 

Wait a minute.  You can do it!   Yes!  Let’s help out those busy studio moguls and you  can name this movie.  Go on, think of a name appropriate for this movie.   The photos from my blog may give you some inspiration.  Since the studio cannot do it, you do it for them!  Post your name in the comments section.   I know you will be Brilliant.

Use that Beautiful Mind. 

Have Fun!


Cafe Today| Meet Lily Collins, Kristen Stewart as Snow White

Lily Collins-Snow White via Relativity Studios

Lily Collins looks like a fantasy – real but not real.  Of course, Snow White is a tale of fantasy from the minds of the brothers Grimm.  Ever since Walt Disney animated the story, it was never viewed the same way.  

~ | ~

The new Snow White Movie is due in 2012.  Tarsem Singh is the director on this one.  This officially untitled family version is due for release in  March 2012.  Much earlier than the December 2012 release date given prior.  Perhaps it is due much in part to the rival studio – Universal – and its race at warp speed to the finish line.  Timing is everything. 

Concept Art for Snow White Movie Poster

Great Concept Art Poster. A sad little Kingdom from what was.  I can sort of get that fantasy feel for this movie.  The studio is taking a while to put a name on this project.  A name people, a name!

~ | ~

Speaking of names.  Lily Collins as Snow White.  Julia Roberts as the evil Queen, Snow’s wicked step-mother.  Julia also gets top billing.  Armie Hammer as Prince Andrew Alcott.  Sean Bean, Nathan Lane and a host of others to round out thecast. 

~ | ~

Apparently this movie is not getting a G rating either, as it will have many action scenes.  A dark twist on the classic fairy tale, in which Snow White and the seven dwarfs look to reclaim their destroyed kingdom.  I hear Lily is doing her best to kick some butt in this film.  Her pay back to her evil step mother, Snow White must fight for her legacy and truth.  Cool!   This is a comedic action version of Snow White. I cannot wait for the 7 dwarfs. If Lily, as Snow White looks this great, I can only imagine the dwarfs being very interesting. OK!, OK!  I am a 7-year-old at heart.  Don’t care.  I think Lily is adorable!

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And then there is the other movie….

Kristen Stewart - Snow White & The Huntsman via Universal Studios

Based on the poster, it seems more like a “Joan of Arc meets King Arthur, meets Robin Hood” ?  Universal Studios version is titled Snow White and the Huntsman.  Release date is set for June 2012.   This movie has been touted as the  ” dark, epic action film   Snow White and the Huntsman.”   Snow White teams up with the Huntsman, to fight the evil Queen.  Snow learns to ride horses, wield a sword and battle armies of the Queens soldiers.  Boy, this is not Disney!

~ | ~

The movie is directed by Rupert Sanders, starring Kristen Stewart as Snow White, Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman and Charlize Theron  as The Evil Queen.   See,  I had written last year that the Kristen Stewart version would be darker, sulkier, etc.  No!  I wasn’t being mean, it is how it is.   SPOILER ALERT!  We will find out in this movie why there are 7 dwarfs—when the movie begins there are 8 dwarfs.  I dwarf dies.   No Yucks here!  On that note… There seems to be a bit of wrangling  for a PG-13  rating by the studio.  Those in the know are saying there is an R rating headed their way.  Humm!  I am beginning to understand a bit more.   So, PG-13 does not seem as quite the stretch for this Snow White and the quarrelsome 7.  We shall see!

~ | ~

I look forward to seeking out new details and tid-bits as they become available.  Counting Down The Days………

Cafe Conversations | Meet The New Snow White.

Lily Collins, our new Snow White,  thou art here.  Lily has been picked to play the lead role in Relativity Media’s  “Snow White” movie.  Lilly was not a front-runner of mine.  So, what do I know!  She is adorable though.   Lilly played the daughter in the movie  “The Blind Side.”  And just happens to be the daughter of singer Phil Collins.  Yeah, Snow White did sing and dance right?  What I do know is that Lily is adorable.

Lily Collins-Snow White

On February 5, 2011, my post reflected the very different ideas of just how Snow White and her pals should be portrayed.  I poked a bit of fun here and there regarding the cast choices.   To read that post, click on the link below.   I am still quite curious though,  about the studio’s vision of  the Seven Dwarfs.   CG  perhaps?  Little people?  Cartoon?

Armie Hammer of the “The Social Network” will join Lily as her Prince and  Julia Roberts joins  in this still untitled version.  Hmmm!  Any guesses on who Julia will play?  You will only need one!

Armie Hammer-The Prince

Lily Collins, a 22-year-old from England, is the daughter of musician Phil Collins. She played Collins Tuohy — the Sandra Bullock character’s daughter — in 2009’s “The Blind Side”.

On March 26, Relativity Media announced that Armie Hammer had joined the cast as Prince Andrew Alcott.  Snow White’s rescuer.  Julia Roberts will portray the evil queen.  See, I told you one guess is all you needed!  She can do that job quite nicely.

         Still to be cast: The queen’s henchman (What?  What henchman?)  and a character who takes care of Snow White.  A nurse?  Another What?  The 7 dwarfs took care of her last time.   This is really different.

According to the studio, the movie is “a retelling of one of the most beloved fables of all-time, will eschew the traditional story in favor of a more modern tale full of comedy and adventure.   After Snow White’s evil stepmother kills her father and destroys the kingdom,  What?   (that’s Comedy?)  Snow White bands together with a gang of seven quarrelsome dwarfs to reclaim what is rightly hers.”   Wow!  This is really going to be different.  But, I have high-ho  hopes this will be a really good movie.

Production is set to begin in Montreal in May 2011.    The movie is set to be released June 29, 2012. Relativity’s film is one of two “Snow White” projects currently under way.** UPDATE: New Release date is March 2012

Julia Roberts-The Evil Queen

Universal Pictures is making “Snow White and the Huntsman,” which has a release date of Dec. 21, 2012. Charlize Theron plays the evil queen in that version, and Kristen Stewart is in negotiations for the role of Snow White.  Kristen Stewart!  Say it is not so?  A darker, sulkier version no doubt.

Hi Ho!  Moviegoers.

First Look

Name The New Snow white Movie

Cafe Today | Where Art Thou Snow White ?

Hi Hoooo!   Apparently two rival Studios are looking for the new Snow White.  A live action version of the much adored Disney animated film is now in the works.  I say it could be OK!  Could be a great family movie or could be a really nice, more mature version if they choose.  Probably more of a family flick, eh!  Relativity Media and Universal Studios may be rolling out 2 rival films.  I am sure they will be different in oh, so many ways.  Number one would be casting of the film.   My casting ideas may not be the same as the studios would be however.  We have all seen roles given to the wrong people before. Oh, so many times.   Here are my suggestions:

  1.   Snow White    Alyson Michalka from Easy A          Or…      perhaps Nina Dobrev of Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev


Maybe even  Ellen Page from Juno as a wise cracking Snow White!  

Ellen Page


        For a more mature version however,   definitely Anne Hathaway.   Perfect!  Ooo! And what about Kiera Knightly?  Natalie Portman is expecting so no go on that.

        One studio has been letting it be known for a while that Kristen Stewart has been their choice for Snow White!  What?     Wait, wait!     You mean the same Kristen Stewart of Twilight?  What are they thinking? Kristen is a highly paid actress who does not really act. Yet, movie-goers continue paying to watch her not act.    *Read my discussion group report below.*    In, my opinion Kristen’s on screen presence consists of sulking, quite bewildered , pissed off and wait for it…….rigidity.   This is not really a review of Twilight.   I am talking about a new Snow White.  The role could be best played by a young fresh upcoming actress.

2.     Wicked Queen      Angelica Houston has my vote  

Angelica Houston

 or ……Sigourney Weaver would be superb.  

Sigourney Weaver

Charleze Theron and Julia Roberts are being considered for this role.   Eww!

3.   Her Handsome Prince Alcott    Matthew Goode from Leap Year.  Cute and a nice speaking voice. 

Matthew Goode

Or…. Steve Bacic from X Files and Andromeda.  Cute huh!

Steve Bacic

         This is a real dilemma though.  I need help on this one.  People are saying Johny Depp or Tom Hardy.  No.  That’s not going to work.  Help!   If the story is for young people, maybe Zac Efron?  The peanut gallery wants Dear John actor, Channing Tatum?  The prince role may just be the most difficult.  Please, no more Disney people.  Or, Twilight people.

4.   Dwarf Posse  

          Those Marauding Barbarian Vikings from the Capital One Card commercials might be a good choice.  With the help of CG they would be made much smaller.   The Munchkins from the Wizard Of Oz are all gone now.   Hmmm?    And, please no one say Zack Galifianakis.

Well that is it for me. What do you think about the remake and casting suggestions?  Leave your comments below.  I would love to know what you think!

**  Side Note:   I will say it again.  The same 20 people get 90% of the acting roles.  Not all of the 20 can act in everything, right.   C’mon movie execs.  Put a fresh face out there for us movie lovers to watch.**  

Group Review:    **In the interest of fairness, I sat down with a few viewers, ages 14 to 62, to have another go at Twilight and have a bit of a discussion.  Results:  Some were remembering parts of the book to fill in dialogue and scenes from Twilight.   So were they recalling scenes or having the book play out in their head? Some were caught up in the “love story” of Twilight.    Me, I am still shocked Kristen made movie number 2 and so on.  Same opinion as before.**


Snow White & Her 7 Dwarfs

 Photos courtesy of Disney Studios and