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The Lost Valentine

Recommended for your viewing pleasure.  A Must Watch before and on Valentine’s Day.

The Lost Valentine stars  Betty WhiteSean Faris and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

 Here is the story.  In World War II Betty White’s character, Caroline,  bids goodbye to her beloved husband Neil.  Waving goodbye at the train station, he is off to war as a proud member of the Navy.  Sadly, Neil does not return.  Every year on Valentine’s Day, she returns to the train station in memory of their incredible love story albeit brief.  She has never missed of one of her special days.

Decades later Susan, a journalist played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, learns Caroline’s dedication to her late husband and unwillingly has to do a story about her.  When Susan meets Caroline, she finds a better story than she could have ever imagined.  All the while, Susan’s personal relationship seems to be stalled.  In the course of getting Caroline to share her story,  Susan meets Caroline’s grandson Lucas, played by Sean Faris.   Susan continues developing her story. All the while,  Susan is touched by Lucas’ devotion to his grandmother and realizes she has developed feelings for him.  Well you sort of know where the story will travel.  However, there are unexpected turns as the story progresses.

The film is based on the book  The Lost Valentine by  James Michael Pratt.  Go head, Buy it. Read it.  Watch it. I know you will love it!

My copy of DVD and Paperback

My Copy of DVD and Paperback

The movie is just an inspiring story of Lasting Love, Dedication and  Hope.  As you may gather, I really liked this movie when it ran on   The Hallmark Hall of Fame  special in 2011.  I know.  I am such a ‘sucker’ for these.  This is definitely one of the better ones.  No mean spirited, angry people fighting for attention. No worrying about running out of hair products or “what can I possibly wear”.   The typical TV movie.  

Sean Faris and Jennifer Love Hewitt    via

Sean Faris and Jennifer Love Hewitt   via  FanPop

Betty White is delightful and entertaining. I believed her portrayal of  Caroline.  Billy Magnussen portrays Neil.  A great role for him.  Very likable.  Quiet, loving and gentle.   I actually enjoyed Jennifer Love Hewitt as the journalist.  I like her more as she matures.  Our little Jenny is growing up!  Sniff. Sniff.  And then, there is Sean Faris.  His role as Lucas, Caroline’s grandson,  did not have a great deal of screen time.  He definitely is easy on the eyes.  See, it is moments like this, I have such an appreciation for  PAUSE and REWIND.  Jennifer and Sean have really ‘good’ chemistry.  The role of Lucas as a loving grandson is appealing and he is quite “ruggedly handsome”.  (sorry Rick Castle!) Or is he more the GQ type?  I’m thinking  GQ.  Either way he close to perfect on screen.  

Appears the cast members have a special kinship to their on screen characters.   Betty White and the real love of her life, Alan Ludden, sadly died in 1981.  You just know their love was special, when you watch her eyes as she lovingly speaks of Alan.  Sean has spoken numerous times of his strong  relationship with his grandmother,  whom he adores.   Awww.  

Behind the scenes   by me

Behind the scenes by me

Now… some behind the scenes:  We all know Betty White is a lover of animals.  While filming in the Atlanta suburb, the neighbors and other locals would frequently be out for a stroll with their pets.  Of course, filming would stop as Betty delighted in personally greeting all these fine pets.  

Betty, being Betty, kept the cast and crew well entertained with  her huge repertoire of stories.  Wish I could have been there.

The movie was filmed in a residential area of Atlanta Ga.   The rotunda at the Georgia State Capital served as the railroad station. It has  much of the original interior, just as it would have been during the 1940’s.  

The last scenes in the movie were filmed with active Naval Officers and personnel.    

Seriously though, I did really like this movie.  It will air on Saturday, January 26th at 9 pm on The Hallmark Channel.  Check your local listings.  Hopefully,  it will air a few more times before Valentine’s Day.