Cafe Conversations | Rocker Tom Cruise in “Rock of Ages”

Tom Cruise/Twitter

Rockin’ the song  “Wanted Dead or Alive.”  What you say?  Yes, Tommy is looking good as he belts out a tune.   Tom has not looked this good since Rain Man or Mission Impossible.  Actually…he is Smoking Hot!  Long hair, mighty fine-looking abs and skin-tight jeans. Who could ask for anything more?  Maybe..Just more of Mr. Cruise.  Oh, by the way.  He has a few Tats on that hunky bod!

          This picture was tweeted by Tommy himself to his fans. Hmm!  Seems as though he is well pleased with his portrayal. This from the upcoming flick  “Rock of Ages.”  The film adaptation based on the enormously popular Broadway Play of the same name.  Cruise will play the character Stacee Jaxx.  An aging musician who has seen better days.  According to sources, that being Adam Shankman, Tom as always gets into his role with great intensity.  Alec Baldwin, who is also in the film, states that Tom Cruise will blow you away.  OK!

            Rock of Ages is the telling of a Love Story amidst the music from some of our favorite rock bands.  Styx, Journey, Bon Jovi and many more.  The film will showcase many of those songs from the 70s and 80s.  Other cast members include Julianne Hough, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Malin Ackerman and Mary J Blige.  Also rumored to appear are Anne Hathaway as a love interest for Tommy and Taylor Swift.  Already on board are Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin.  Photo below was tweeted by the director Adam Shankman.  Alec plays “Lonnie” who narrates the film.  While Russell plays “Dennis” the Club Owner.  Of course these 2 are destined to sing a duet at some point.   Appears that with this cast we should have a bit of humor and amazing music.

Alec Baldwin-Russell Brand/Twitter

Rock of Ages just began filming in May 2011 and is scheduled for release June of 2012.  The director is Adam Shankman who directed Hairspray in 2007.   Other films by Shankman include:  The  “Step Up” series,  “17 Again”  which I liked even when I could not think it to be so.  “Going the Distance”  and the forgettable “The Last Song”.  (Only because Miley Cyrus gave her best performance as a Kristen Stewart wannabe.  You know, surly and generally unlikable. It could have been so much better.  Sorry!)  Just read the book.

            With only a few reports on this production and being the movie nutt that I am, I was quite pleased the director is hip enough to share and promote the film via Twitter.  Ok! So maybe I shouldn’t be so tough on Twitter all the time.

            What do all of you think?  Good.   Not so Good.  Great.  Let me know.  What movie are you looking forward to seeing?


Cafe Conversations | That Was The Week That Was

        Well!  Now that we have a new actor on Two and a Half Men, all is right with the world.  No, not really!  Wasn’t it a nice thought?  Everyone is still talking about Charlie Sheen.  Why? This among many things have really been bothering me.  Such as, Dating, TV Programming, High Schoolers doing things to warrant lots of attention, celebrity interviews and so on.  So, can we talk!

Ashton Kutcher Ready for Prime Time

         So here comes Ashton Kutcher to hopefully solve the CBS sitcom blues.  And, if we are lucky enough, we shall not hear from Mr Tiger Blood and his Pornettes ever again.  The media has given him enough press and air time to last a century.  I have only seen a few  Two and a Half Men over the years.  Never really liked the show.  If the new shows  with Ashton have decent scripts,  I might tune in.

~~ ** ~~


        Found a story about a couple in their 90’s who had met once again long after a first date.  This couple fell in love and recently became husband and wife.  Awe!  I know!  Sweet, right?     

        Then,  I look on my friends Facebook page and I see that her son has listed his status as “in a relationship.”  He’s 11.  

         My sister-in-law is on her 3rd marriage.  That’s ok!    An ex-coworker is juggling 3 men at the same time.  Good Luck!    The singer John Mayer has dated every girl and  woman  in the world.  Almost!    Even Arnold Schwarzenegger is married and uh, uh dates?  I need to get out more.

                                                                             ~~ ** ~~


        Time for the TV Networks to clean house… as it were.  The time is now for these programs to say Farewell!   Adieu!   Sayonara! 

Law & Order   – all of them.  Gotta say goodbye.

CSI –   all of them    And, I never understood why they called it CSI Miami when it  is  filmed in California.               

Criminal Minds – Both Programs

Can we just take the TLC Network  off the air?

So Called – Reality Shows

Biggest Loser and So Many More

       And since I am talking TV, what can be done about Cable or Satellite TV?  I am really of the mind that we should be able to pick the programs we want to watch.  Why do people pay for 600 channels when they only watch  10?  I am really considering dropping it all together.   I am still appalled that these companies continue to get away with it.   I must say though, I do have my own namesake channel.   The Barbie Channel!    AT&T Uverse channel 85 .  

Barbie wearing an Escada Gown

 ~~ ** ~~   


        The high school senior that put up large block letters on his high school, asking his girlfriend to the prom and subsequently being banned from that prom, has been making the rounds on every stinking news show in the country.   When are we as a nation going to stop this?  Anyone can do something stupid, silly, against the rules or even dangerous and then be flown cross-country, put up in a swanky hotel and plaster their face on the TV  to be interviewed as if they were Rock Stars.  The news shows get great attention ratings by having everyone participate in this crap.  Why do you think they say to “log in to our Facebook page and tell us how you feel.”   NO!     

        The school has now  given in to all this national pressure.  The young man can go to the prom after all.  So after that announcement, he’s back on the news again.  This time with attitude.  He was told that the school superintendent will have a different punishment for him.  He blatantly said to one NBC news producer ” I am not accepting any kind of punishment.”   Oh, that’s right, you’re a star.  This was all such a stunt for publicity.  And boy, was he rewarded!

        Perhaps there are some others that should be rewarded?  Our young soldiers go to war every day and risk death for America’s Freedom.  How many of those get treated to private jets, hotels and numerous such amenities for putting their life on the line for us?  How Many are treated as a rock star?  How are they rewarded?

 ~~ ** ~~


         Local  programming is really pretty darn good.  In Southwest Michigan we have a local show that really does promote local business, entertainment and current events.  A great perk of being a host on that show is they preview all movies, TV shows and travel a great deal to interview major stars!  I am so jealous!


Dustin Hoffman as Shifu

        One host recently traveled out of the country to interview the stars of Kung Fu Panda 2.  Now in 3D.  She loved Dustin Hoffman.  “So nice, polite. He was great.” The host remarked.


Angelina Jolie as Tigress

        Jack Black was interviewed and was very funny and talked a lot.  When the host interviewed Jack, Angelina was there.   All this host could say was, “Boy is she bony.  She didn’t say much at all.  Very reserved.  Seemed like she was not friendly.  And she really is bony.”    “I guess we all had her pegged a long time ago.”  I’m thinking,… did you ask any intelligent questions?  Did you ask Jack Black when he was going to loose weight?  Or, perform Shakespeare?  

          Glad I wasn’t the one being interviewed by that host.  I may have been tempted to slap you! :)   Her comments went on for a while and were just mean-spirited.  I think she was  Just Jealous!

                                                                     ~~ ** ~~

      I read the news last week in the New York Times, which read:           IMF Arrest in NYC

Wow!  We really do have an Impossible Mission Force!          Who knew?

Ethan Hunt Mission Impossible