Who’s Stylin Now!

A few days ago, Jamie (Fnkybee) at http://fnkybee.wordpress.com    left me a note asking me to mosey on over to her blog.   I am thinking she has some hot photos of Brad, Johnny and other hunky dunky guys.  Tada!   Jamie is the proud recipient of a Major Award.  The Stylish Blogger Award.  Blogdom’s answer to the Oscars.   Well, this could not happen to a nicer “mad woman-wild girl.” Fnkybee is a very cool lady.   She is a loving wife & mother, loyal friend and bad-ass sister.  She battles injustice and rampant stupidity in her spare time + Fights against evil ComCast + Parties with the best of gentile Nashville folk + Rocks the night away every chance she gets.  

So there I am just reading along as she does her best awards speech when I tripped over my name on her blog.  Damn girl!  Ms Fnkybee picked me as one of her choices for the very same Stylish Blogger Award.  What?  Really?  Well, All right!  I got it, uh huh!   I got it, uh huh!  Happy Dance time! Wahoo!  I was among a very prestigious group of bloggers.  Don’t I feel humble.  So now I have to follow the rules.   OK!  

RULES:    I must list 7 things no one knows about me.  Then choose 6 nominees to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award.  Leave a message for each of the six letting them know you have something for them on your blog.

Major Award to Me Haha!


 So  here  is my boring stuff.

       1.      All passengers in my car make me swear never to sing along with the music.  Yes, it really is that bad.

2.    Back in the day I had a mad crush on David Cassidy of The Partridge Family.  He was so, so cute and had great hair!

        3.     Gretchen was our guinea pig.  For most of her 8 years with us, she endured our cat Charlie sleeping in her cage.  She was groomed with Barbie accessories while the kids attempted to dress her up.  She would have no part of that.  Surprising she lived so long.

4.    I am peeved at Publisher’s Clearing House.  They assured me they would  to pay a visit to my house, bringing  the bouquet of roses, balloons and giant Million dollar check to my door.  Big Fat Liars!

       5.     I spent a great deal of my youth in the Apple Tree bordering our yard.  I watched my 5 older brothers be ratted out for smoking on numerous occasions.  They had no idea who squealed.  I heard them say things I did not understand …until years later. They all thought they were quite the Chick Magnets.   HaHaHaHaHa!

6.   For a few years I taught adults a healthcare business class at a local technical school.  As a break in the curriculum, I read Dr Seuss books and held discussion groups after.  The discussions were amazing.  If counselors or psychologists want to allow people to open up and speak of their issues, give them a few green eggs and ham! 

      7.   Maybe someday my Prince will come and take me away to travel the world.  ‘Tis a dream I had.  I promise I will not sing to him!

Whew! There are so many terrific blogs how can I possible pick only 6 ?  Special mention goes back to Fnkybee.  She was bestowed the Award again by  thoughts at http://thoughtsappear.wordpress.com/.   So, I must think on something for her at a later date.

I have my favorite blog buds and a few you may not know.  They are well worth checking out.  C’mon, we all need to get out more because…

          “The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”                                                                                                                                     * unknown

So, the Award goes to……

  1   http://nancygedney.wordpress.com     Nancy lives in Idaho, loves animals and writes a lovely blog with insight, humor and much grace.  I love the warmth in her writings.

2   http://fromthelittleyellowkitchen.wordpress.com      Chrissy and Lauren, 2 college grads that are best buds and love to cook in their spare time. There is plenty of delicious and mouth-watering food.  Yumm!  Great photos.  I always have a good feeling when I visit the yellow kitchen.

3    http://takearideonthereading.wordpress.com    Tarot started this blog for the WordPress Post a Day Challenge.  He lives in Toronto and fights unfair taxation daily.  His blog is intelligent, timely and filled with blogging tips.  This is a blog for readers.  He also has another blog aimed at writers at http://quidmont.wordpress.com 

4   http://findingstrengthtostandagain.wordpress.com    Tara has overcome so many obstacles in her life.  I am very humbled when reading of the challenges she encounters in her daily life.  She is also a navy wife and proud of it.

5   http://lifeintheboomerlane.wordpress.com      Renee is a writer of novels, a former teacher and hula hoop champion.  Renee lives in Virginia.  I discovered her recently and enjoy and appreciate her humor.

6   http://www.cassagram.com     Cassagram:   like a telegram only funnier.  Cassandra writes with a terrific wit.  She is young, hip and offers a fresh take on her world.  Plus, she has a regular item that I love called Boyfriend of the week.  Lots of hunky dunky guys. Well worth the visit.

Thanks again to Fnkybee. 

**sorry about the font…aliens in the machine!