Cafe Today | Thought We Could Use Some Eye Candy Before The Holidays

Ryan Gosling via MUNAWAR HOSAIN/StarTraks

Hopefully I have found a little something for everyone.  Take a moment and just enjoy!

 My choices were made not from any of my prior lists.  Well, maybe only 1 or 2.    Ryan Gosling is really quite appealing to a number of girls and most important, women.  Don’t you think?  He does seem to like the really, really skinny leg pants and jeans.  In turn, it makes his feet look the size of an aircraft carrier.  Just saying.!

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Chris Hemsworth via Universal Studios

Now Chris Hemsworth is sooo well worth a long lingering stare. Get those stars out of your eyes girls!   My turn!   Words are difficult.  Staring gets in the way.  Casting Chris as Thor was truly a gift from the movie Gods.   And many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Hemsworth.

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Robert Downey, Jr via Warner Bros Pictures

One gentleman who has become better looking over the decades.  IronMan or Sherlock Holmes?  Hmm!  Both.   A girl should not have to make a choice such as that.  I love a fast talking, witty intelligent man.   When he happens to be great looking.    Just say thank you.   And, Robert is to be a father for the second time. Congrats, man!

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Zac Efron via GF Bauer Griffin

And, here comes our little Zac.  He’s all grown up now!  Woo! Woo!  He can dance in my driveway any day.     It would give my garage door some class.   He can be seen in the movie  ‘ New Year’s Eve ‘ coming December 9th.  You can shop later.  Go see our little Zac.

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Brian Kodjoe via ABC


Now here we have Brian Kodjoe who happens to have been, unfortunately in the NBC series  ‘ Under Covers ‘   last year.  NBC in it’s infinite wisdom did not give it much of a chance.   Or even a re-write.  Who cares!  Pretty is as pretty does.  Brian is now signed on to ABC’ new series  ‘Georgetown’.  Of course it is about young staffers on Capitol Hill.

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Jude Law via Corel Painter Magazine/Cat Bounds

And just  because I can.  Ta Da!   Jude Law  in painted format courtesy of Corel Painter. Makes one want to subscribe ASAP!  Or, better idea.  A very, very large print should hang in my hallway.  That way, as I walk by, I can linger as long as I wish.  After all, one should dust the hallway numerous times each day. Don’t you think?

So, just a few moments of stress free eyeball candy.  No need to worry.  I have your back.  Go ahead….look all you want.

Feel Good Fridays…..Meet My New Boys!

My Cabana Boy


Meet my new Cabana Boy Brad! 

My new Cabana Boy is Cute.

He brings me soft towels.

He carries fruity drinks with tiny umbrellas.

He stands, he turns, he flexes.  :)

He keeps a smile on my face.



My Boat Captain


 Meet my Boat Captain Johny.

My Boat Captain is rugged and quite handsome.

He can handle any boat and fight off pirates.

Captain Johny is very strong and loves to drink rum.

My Captain has many stories to tell in very sexy voice.  I am a great listener.  :) 

My professor

Meet my new history professor.

He has smoldering brown eyes and luscious thick dark hair.

He is fantastic… with the sword and can battle pirates.

His voice is that of an angel.   :)

He dreamed he had long blonde hair, saved tiny people with big feet and battled evil orcs? 

He looks best in a white shirt open to the waist.  Do not know why, he just does.  :)


My Pool Boy

Meet Zac, my new Pool Boy.   Yes he is!

Zac takes  pride in cleaning  the pool.  Very dedicated.

Zac dances and sings whenever I want.  

Zac looks great without a shirt.  Why Yes….. Yes he does.

His hair is cool and eyes are very blue.  Sweeeet!


Meet Eric. 

I call him Lucky. 

Lucky is just for fun.  :)

I’m a Lucky girl.